Sanity Is Selling Bloodstained On The Switch … For $999

Sanity Is Selling Bloodstained On The Switch … For $999

There’s a lot to unpack here.

Remember Sanity, the CD and DVD store you bought trashy singles from after seeing something on Video Hits or RAGE? Well, they’re still around. The company still has a lot of stores in regional areas — places where rents are cheaper and there’s less competition from JB Hi-Fi, basically — and they’ve expanded into more merchandise, books, and even video games. (Their website even looks like the front of an EB Games store, but anyway.)

But for some reason, I’m not really seeing Sanity as a video game retailer. I wonder wh–

Well then.

Even for Sanity, which doesn’t compete that strongly in the gaming department — they’re still selling Just Dance 2017 for the Wii U for $80 bucks, and for whatever reason, COD: Advanced Warfare on the PS3 for $100, as well as plenty of new releases for $99 — this is a bit far.

Sanity’s Switch stuff is expensive, sure. But there’s not much beyond the odd bit of hardware (like $120-plus for a Switch dock), so there’s a 1000% chance that this is meant to be $99.99 for a new Switch game, and not $1000. People are keen for a new Castlevania, but not that keen.

$100 is still way too much for any Switch game, mind you, but at least Sanity is still around to give some high schoolers a job or two. As for Bloodstained, you can get it on PC for $52 and for a much more equitable $69 on the Switch so … maybe do that instead.


  • It’s possible it’s just a placeholder price. I know EB uses $999.99 for items they don’t have a price for yet. You’d think they’d have one a week out though. Maybe it’s the Super Mega Hyper Ultra Special Happy Smiles Deluxe Plush Laminated Edition?

  • There’s still two Sanity stores in shopping centres near me, and I don’t even live in the country, so…

    The funny part is that both of them still have the same look they had when they opened in the mid-1990s.

  • Reminds me of when David Jones used to sell video games, and we’d go visit it every year to see the old boxed copy of Star Wars Episode 1: Racer that hadn’t changed from its launch price of $99.99 for the last ten years because that’s what the store paid for it, god dammit, and they’ll be damned if they’re going to take a bath on some shitty fucking video game, what with video games only ever being played by children. Nerdy dork kids.


  • I worked for Sanity when they first expanded into videogames a little over ten years ago. The lack of effort they put into the concept was really painful. They specifically didn’t market them, as not every store sold games, they weren’t aggressive on price at all, and they were really bad at getting new releases in.

    But hey, I took home a preorder bonus for Banjo Kazooie on XLBA that would have been given to anyone who preorder Nuts and Bolts (No one did), so it wasn’t all bad.

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