So, Which Marvel Role Would Be Perfect For Keanu Reeves?

So, Which Marvel Role Would Be Perfect For Keanu Reeves?
He needs Marvel roles. <em>Lots</em> of Marvel roles. (Image: Lionsgate)

We’re in the middle of the Reevessance.

The world’s fixation on Keanu Reeves got another jolt in the arm this week after Kevin Feige told that apparently Marvel Studios has been regularly checking in with the actor over time regarding potential roles in their movies. So, that begs the question: Whose comic book shoes should Keanu step into?

No, you can’t go Gary Oldman in Leon the Professional and yell EVERYONE at us, as true as that might be.

Although really, if Marvel has actually been trying so long to get Reeves on board it seems wild we’ve yet to see him show up in the last 11 years of Marvel movies. Who could he have replaced? Which alternative universe is the one where every Avenger is just a different facsimile of Keanu Reeves?

Anyway, we’re getting away from ourselves here. We’re looking for your picks for future roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that could be perfect for Reeves.

The current rumours were swirling around The Eternals, but have fun—it could be in one of the rumoured upcoming Phase Four projects, it could be wild speculation, hell, given that Disney has now consumed Fox in a similar manner as to how Galactus consumes planets, it could be any one of the characters previously restricted to Fox’s domain. Pick a Marvel character, and tell us why Keanu would be the perfect fit.

Other than the fact that he’s Keanu goddamn Reeves, of course.


    • I like that as an idea.

      Inevitably there would be comparisons to Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, and I think Reeves would compare pretty well. I never saw Namor as impulsive as Aquaman, and the intelligence side of Namor would help Reeves make it work. Keanu Reeves is a different sort of action to Momoa, and the contrast would be fun to see.

      The character itself is also one that bridges a few franchises, so would be one that could pop up regularly or help fold in Fantastic Four and/or X-men. Pop him into Doctor Strange 2 (and set up potential Illuminati stories) and take it from there.

  • Moon Knight

    (lel picks, Scourge of the Underworld, Union Jack)

    And the so blindingly obvious I’m surprised it isn’t already in preprod

    The Punisher

    • Don’t think I’ve seen him rage like the Punisher, not the primeval rage like Jon Bernthnal does.

      John Wick is as close as I’ve seen he’s lethal and gets angry but it’s controlled, methodical.

      • I feel like that’s more like how the Punisher is in comics though, controlled anger and methodical approach, rarely rages out. The Netflix series was great and Bernthal did a good job, but I’m used to reading Punisher as the cold, methodical killer with the odd quip or two as he does it. The Punisher who spent the time going apartment to apartment to light up a building in the shape of a skull just because.

  • I’m not sure if it is too whitewashing (half Canadian/half Japanese) but I could really see him playing Daken.

    Otherwise Moon Knight, Namor or The Beyonder. If he did the good old Marvel Studios bulk up (say Brad Pit in Fightclub tone) he could do a really good Namor.

        • Have a look on his mum’s side. She’s a white Pom, straight up. The “Hawaiian-Chinese” comes from his father, along with English, Irish and Portuguese.

          So if you want to be pedantic, he’s “white-passing” mixed race, according to the SJW handbook.

          So either way. They would they would be outraged.

  • The One Above All.

    Most big name actors that guest appear in the MCU tend to be evil so hopefully he bucks the trend if it eventuates.

    I believe also he was originally tapped to play Jude Laws character in Captain Marvel.

  • D-man obviously.
    … 😛
    Has Nic Cage left a bad enough taste in everyone’s mouth that no one is thinking he’d make an excellent Ghost Rider? He already loves motorbikes haha.

  • The problem I have with Keanu Reeves is that he’s Keanu Reeves. Most good actors have a way of blending into a part to the point that you don’t notice the actor, only the character. Keanu, however, breaks immersion for me every time.

      • Hard to say. The things that immediately come to mind end up sounding like criticism although they’re really not meant to be.

        It probably has something to do with his ernest seriousness jarring with some of his earlier film characters such as in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. He just comes across to me more naturally as a spoilt middle class kid rather than a badass hero, and the designer beard and shoulder length hair really just feel like he’s trying too hard.

        Ultimately, however, it’s probably nothing more than that he has really distinctive chiseled features and intense eyes that can never be anyone else’s.

      • I get a bit of that too. Also Simon Pegg. I think the reason it isn’t so jarring for me with these actors is that they’re both a bit goofy and disarming.

        • I used to get that with Simon Pegg, but that was because he was pretty much typecast in the same role every movie.

          But a few other movies, like the Mission Impossible and Star Trek roles have softened that feeling somewhat.

          With Keanu Reeves, I remember him from Bill & Ted’s, Point Break, Dracula, and Johnny Mnemonic when he started out, and while there wasnt the range of some other actors, had a reasonable amount of variety from stoner to sci fi. So never really bought into the dazed “what am I doing here?” meme that followed him for so long.

          But I get what you mean, it is there.

    • I was going to suggest the same thing. I know there are a couple other actors circling that role. But I reckon Reeves suits it.

  • Cosmo

    Beta Ray Bill

    Moon Knight

    Flashback (Omega Flight).

    I think Omega Flight would be a good way to bring mutants into the MCU as well.

  • John Wick.

    Its hard to seperate the man from his iconic roles especially his recent ones. Cyberpunk 2077 is going to have it tough for story telling if the player can see the musical legendholo-ghost when they see just Keanu.

    Either he shouldnt, crossover, or he should be a character so devoid of it you wouldnt notice… lime how Vin Diesel is Groot!

  • Didn’t read the article but Keanu Reeves should play himself because I am pretty sure he is a super hero.

  • Eros/Starfox, Thanos’s inexplicably hot brother seems like the obvious choice. Reeves looks enough like him, and no one is going to question why everyone wants to sleep with him.

  • I someone agree with the others suggesting the Punisher. But that character would be too similar to jonh wick

    It wouldn’t be Keanu reeves as the Punisher, It would be john wick in the marvel universe.

  • Remember back to when he was rumoured to be cast as Dr Manhatten in an early Watchmen movie?

    Now picture that, and now see him as the Silver Surfer

  • I’d rather he have a crack at being the next Batman to be honest but if we’re just talking Marvel, I’d have to go with Namor as already suggested.

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