Sony's Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Are $289 Today

The Sony 1000XM3's are, without any doubt, one of the best pairs of headphones money can buy. The noise cancelling is superb, they're comfortable as all hell, and as of today, they're less than $300.

Getting the XM3's for around $349 is usually worth it, but Amazon are tanking the XM3's from $349 to $289. The deal will be available from 8:59 AEDT for Prime users and 9:29 AEDT for non-Prime users on Amazon.

Sony Continues To Cut Bose's Grass

If you listen to what Sony says, you could assume that the third generation of the Sony 1000X wireless headphones is all about better noise cancelling. This wouldn’t be a wrong assumption. The company managed to make its famous noise-cancelling headphones cancel even more noise. But what caught my attention is how much more comfortable they are. This is a sassy upgrade, since Sony’s major competitor, Bose, put “comfort” in the name of its headphones.

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I've got an older pair of the Sony cans for work, and they're excellent as well. The XM3's are better at cutting out extreme noise, but you can also use the app to control how much ambient noise is let in — like if you're at an airport, but want enough sound coming in so you can hear the flight announcements.

A bonus is that the XM3's (like the older generations) come with a 3.5mm cable so you can use it with basically any device. I've paired the XM2's noise cancelling and cable with my Switch so I can enjoy Mario eating shit while not having the din of crying babies piercing my skull on a flight.

Noise cancelling headphones are great to have, and if you don't have a pair the XM3's come highly, highly recommended.

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    I really appreciate the heads up about this sales, thanks a lot!.... *Edit* They sold out in less than 1 minute, I had 2 in checkout and the price was incorrect, FML!*

    Last edited 22/06/19 10:11 am

    using the promo code with ebay Plus drops the rice from $419 to $356. Am i doing this wrong?

      That's why I missed out, backed out of checkout to see if I was doing it wrong then got the sold out notice.

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