Square Enix Announces Dragon Walk, Its Version Of Pokémon Go

Today, Square Enix announced Dragon Walk, an augmented-reality game based on Dragon Quest that encourages players to get out and about. The Pokémon Go comparisons are inevitable.

In Dragon Walk, you walk through an in-game field, which is filled with real-world Japanese landmarks like Tokyo Tower, and battle monsters.

There is also customised “My Room” function that allows players to decorate their in-game dwellings.

Dragon Walk is going into beta in Japan. No word yet about its official release or whether the game will be out internationally. 


    Wow, if it's anything like that video , that's next level! I'm sold! And DQ to boot!

    (Gets to end part of video, with footage appearing more indicative of actual gameplay)

    Oh. OK. That's um, yeah. Standard PoGo knockoff. Darn. I'll wait for the inevitable Star Wars or DBZ one I guess.

      And the reward for most misleading trailer (until that one disappointing screen) goes to..

    In the real world, the other people on your screen won't be running away from the things they can't see.

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