Stores Are Practically Giving Anthem Away (For $19)

Stores Are Practically Giving Anthem Away (For $19)
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If you’ve been staying away from Bioware’s airborne looter shooter, that’s understandable. But if you’re still a little curious, and want to get some closure for yourself, retailers have started discounting Anthem to absurd levels.

EB Games and JB Hi-Fi are currently selling the Xbox One and PS4 versions of Anthem‘s Legion of Dawn Edition, which was previously retailing for $120, for the paltry price of a pub schnitty: $19..

Even Amazon is flogging the game off for next to nothing.

Obviously, given everything that was happened, I’m not going to tell you that Anthem is a good deal at $19. I have no idea — I was busy playing Apex and Metro Exodus around that time, and by the time I was done with those, the narrative around Anthem had completely collapsed.

But I have plenty of friends who love playing games that aren’t commonly popular. They liken it to watching poorly rated movies on IMDB, sorting through the ratings and enjoying the trash that happens. You appreciate the masterpieces even more when you see what the other side looks like, I’m told. (Having watched Heavy Metal Massacre, I get what they mean.)

What’s staggering is that major retailers can’t get rid of Anthem fast enough. Far Cry 3: Classic Edition is worth $10 more. You could buy two copies of Anthem for less than $40 at JB, but the Bioware title isn’t even a part of the company’s 2 for $40 game sale.

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There was always a few people making jokes about buying Anthem when it started going for half price in a few months. But there’s a long way from 50 percent off to cheaper than a Sydney cocktail, or the price of a movie ticket. How times have changed.


  • Yeah.

    Not worth it even at that price.

    The game will be dead by the end of the year if they keep releasing updates at this pace.

  • I’ve snapped up a $19 copy in the hopes it will have a No Man’s Sky resurrection. Will sit unplayed until then. If not? Well, I’ve wasted a lot more money on a lot worse things.

  • As Bing Crosby sang:
    Let this be the Anthem to our future years
    To millions of tears and a few little smiles…

    Well, something like that.

  • I reckon when it gets sub $10 on psn I’ll give it a look. I got Andromeda for $7 last year and have really enjoyed it, so hopefully, I’ll get as much value out of Anthem.

  • as someone with the game… I wouldn’t recommend it even if they give you the game for free

    I mean it’s cool to fly around for like 5 minutes and do one mission but that’s really all Anthem (currently) has to offer… and that is so not worth the 50GB+ download

  • I was going to, but I’m protesting that you can’t get the Legion of Dawn edition for $20 for PC :P.

  • Was going to grab this from EB today with Afterpay for the LOLs (since got Fallout 76 for $9 2nd hand from there) but couldn’t log into the mobile website for some reason.

  • Think I got it for double that price and I was happy with it. The end game is lacking but the campaign is decent enough.

  • I was talking to an EB employee today and she told me not to buy it even at that price.

    When an EB employee is telling you not to buy something from them, you know it’s a bad deal.

  • Come on, sure the campaign is worth $19. Yes all the hate is justified and all that, but in a big city $19 would barely cover a lunch. someone can have 20 odd hours of flying around feeling awesome, as long as they walk away before the depression hits of how big of a waste such incredible feeling combat is, on such a dead end project.

    • $19 for Anthem vs $19 for:

      Gears 4
      Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition
      Wolfenstein 2
      Evil Within 2
      Dishonoured 2
      Deus Ex Mankind Divided
      Uncharted Remastered Editions
      South Park Fractured But Whole
      Shadow Of War
      AC Ezio Collection
      Forza Horizon 2

      There is many more i could name that you can buy brand new for under $20 which are worth $19 compared to Anthem.

      Heck you could download Warframe for free which is a functional looter shooter that also has amazing gameplay feel.

    • Even if you’re only wasting $19, you’re still wasting it.

      I don’t even buy games on Steam that are less than a dollar as part of being on a 90% off sale because if I’m not going to play it (and I won’t, I have a waiting list several HUNDRED games long) then even a dollar is too much to waste. Anything more than “free” isn’t worth it.

  • Considering Warframe is STILL free and STILL better, it’s hard to consider $19 “practically giving away”.

  • It’s not really about the price for me, I absolutely want to play the game, there aren’t many co-operative PVE games out there for me to play with my husband. I’m just waiting for them to fix it, I don’t want to wait 2+ years like No Man’s Sky though!

  • I think in a years time Anthem will relaunch sort of like Destiny 2 did with Forsaken. A whole of of rework to the core game and a bunch of additional content. At least that’s what I’d hope Bioware do.

    • I strongly suspect they’re dead. The ‘A-team’ is working on DA4, but if Anthem can’t be salvaged by the B-Team, I suspect the A-team gets their prestige status revoked and Bioware broken up, their devs assigned to other studios who can actually manage projects without shitting the bed for three wasted years worth of wages.

  • Honestly worth the $19!

    You will get at least $19 worth of entertainment.

    Gameplay is solid, it is fun to play, more so with friends. Loot and items need some work and needs more variation in activities endgame.

  • For what you get, I’d say it’s worth this much if you’re interested in it. It’s not an overtly bad game. If they can build on what others have done with the genre then it will be good but it’s just not up there with it’s brethren currently. Think a lot of people are just shitting on it for the sake of doing so.

    Lets not forget that Destiny suffered the same woes as this, with arguably the same troubled development and they pulled it together.

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