Sword Art Online Replica Toy Blade, Only $1,400

Gif: GCS

You too can own a full-scale replica toy version of Kirito’s sword the Elucidator. Outfitted with over 700 LED lights, the blade’s gyro sensor responds to different types of blade swings with light effects and sounds.

It also connects to your smartphone, allowing for different light colour customisation.

But...it’s supposed to be a one-handed sword, no?

The High-Grade Electronic Toy Elucidator is priced at 109,091 yen ($1441.53) without tax. More info on GoodSmile’s official site


    Hook it up to a VR sensor :D

    "LED light" *sighs*
    I best get some money from the ATM machine.

    But...it’s supposed to be a one-handed sword, no?
    Its a one handed sword *start swinging it* makes its own sounds *resist the urge to make wooshing sounds* and costs $1400 dollars *slows down and grabs it with both hands*.

    Can get a fully loaded badass custom lightsaber made from aircraft grade aluminium with custom sounds, sensors, light effects, RGB colour and a blade durable enough to have actual duels with for half that. It was a cool show, but it wasn't two lightsabers cool.

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