Terraria Launches On Switch … For $60

Terraria Launches On Switch … For $60

There’s the Australia tax, and then there’s this.

Terraria‘s been out on PC for virtually aeons, but the game has only just arrived on Nintendo’s portable console as of this week. There’s just one problem — even though it’s a new release on the Switch, and the game’s selling for the price of a cheap Sydney beer, the local eShop pricing is surprisingly high.

Understandably, Australians weren’t too happy with this — especially Terraria fans who wanted to buy the game for a second time, just to have a more portable experience.

One user noted that Terraria‘s pricing was $20 higher than Switch ports for other games like Resident Evil 4 and Minecraft.

I’m all for buying games twice just to have a more portable experience, but if you know a large chunk of your playerbase are the ones buying the game a second time … $60 is pretty hard to swallow. Hell, brand new games have launched on the Switch this year that don’t even cost $60.


  • $60?! Haha, it wasn’t even close to that much when it was new on PC. Even with console store overheads I can’t see how they can justify this price, what a joke.

  • What fucking monster gave them this advice? And where can we get a sample of their hair for voo– …er, totally not voodoo?

    Good grief. I wonder if Nintendo actually has a team that provides guidance on how to price eshop titles in Australia, and it’s THOSE mongrel fuckers responsible for innocent devs charging us three or four times what’s reasonable for fucking decade-old ports.

    That would explain a lot.

    • From what @beavwa said on twitter, it looks like it’s the developer and not the publisher. Apparently, they ignored the international questions and only focused on the American ones.
      Like I was pissed at Dragon quest builders for being $89, but there were physical versions and they dropped price.

  • Nobody would’ve expected them to sell it as low as the current Steam price but going up to $60 is joke.

    Talk about greedy.

  • Its the same bullshit with The World Ends With You, you can pick it up on your phone for $10, but Square charges $60 for the Switch version.

  • Just wow – I haven’t seen such a “yes, and you’re welcome!” price gouging admission since DCUO’s bullshit back when.

  • Well if you are going to spend about 50-60% more than its worth to actually buy a switch, why would you expect the games to not be over priced by 50-60% as well?

  • Lucky I had some e-shop credits left so I only paid half price for it ; probably pay for more a physical version as the Switch being a high profit tax commodity in Oz blah,blah,blah…

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