The Final Fantasy 7 Remake Launches Next March

Shown at the end of an orchestral concert as a treat to fans, the latest trailer showcases the return of Avalanche, and some more of Cloud's sword.

The character models are looking fine, but the more important part is the date: March 3, 2020. That's if it doesn't get delayed (again), which is always a possibility. Lot can happen between now and then, and it must be mighty tempting for Square to consider a delay if it lines up with the launch of the new consoles.

But maybe I'm being cynical. Square are book-ending the E3 conferences tomorrow with their own presser around lunch time. We should get more FF7 gameplay then.


    Wow I'm missing the silent voices, already

    Welp since its episodic... I'll just wait for the "full collection" to come out once it's all released.

    None to keen on getting a classic chopped up =/

      Pretty much my feelings on the whole thing, I just wanted a continuation of everything set up through VII, Dirge of Cerberus, Crisis Core and Advent Children.

      I suppose the one upside to doing an episodic game is all of that can be revisited as additional content and expansions to refresh and introduce players to the overall lore and story making the continuation something else that can be added later or as a follow up game.

      Either way, I'm gonna play it, VII is my favourite game but I know my love for it and almost ritualistic play through is going to make me a grumpy and cynical bastard.
      (More so than usual)

    The more I see of this, the less excited I get.

    I want to hear less of this, where is the plans for FFXVI??, seems obvious that they can't seem to come up with new games these days, much like many other instances from other companies. 'Oh lets just make money from people playing mobile games'

    Hey look, a classic Sweeper design, with guns instead of saws.
    I don't know what the hell those dementor things are supposed to be though. I don't recall anything like that from the original.

      And we get a look at the instantly recogniseable Heidegger. Where's his horse laugh?

      They don't look too much like humans so I'm kinda hoping they are just a reimagining of the ghosts from the train graveyard.
      Otherwise WTF, so much for sticking with the original.

        Some theories I've seen is that they're some of the Sephiroth "clones" who were injected with Jenova cells, but I feel like it's too early for us to be seeing them since the trailer seems to be largely early-game. Train graveyard ghosts might be a good answer.

          Wow I really hope not, I mean theres one in pipe near her house (the sick guy) but it had nothing to do with Aeris herself, their one and only focus was making their way to Sephiroth, not chasing her around like Harry bloody Potter.

          My biggest reason for not wanting a remake was the fear that they will cock it all up.

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