The Next Smash Ultimate DLC Is The Hero From Dragon Quest

Smash Ultimate is finally getting a hero: a Dragon Quest hero, that is. Today at E3, Nintendo announced that heroes from the Dragon Quest role-playing games will be playable in Nintendo’s own little Wrestlemania game world this summer:

Dragon Quest games have several different protagonists, so in Smash Ultimate, they seem to appear as different fighter skins:

Hero fights with a blade, a shield and a flaming projectile. But most interestingly, Nintendo showed us this:

It’s a Japanese RPG-style menu exhibiting four moves. Snooze, for example, puts the opponent to sleep. Other moves might turn Hero into metal. Right now, it looks like the special menu moves somehow rely on the fighter’s mana, which can deplete.

Menus in Smash are not totally foreign; when Xenoblade Chronicles’ Shulk appeared in Smash 4, players balked at the overhead menu that assigned him different fighting attributes, like quicker speed or greater strength. Fans finally got used to him, and hopefully, they’ll figure out how to master Hero, too.


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