The Princesses Of Power

Yeah, there’s a new She-Ra out, but earlier this year this group of cosplayers wanted to pay tribute to the original 1980s series with this big shoot.

All photos are by Justin Morrison, while the cosplayers are:

She-Ra: intraventus

Catra: jenevievedevereauxcosplay

Mermista: kineticcosplay

Flutterina - nikkigeecosplay

Frosta - sarahchucosplay

Glimmer - momobunnycosplay

Entrapta - monstermoosecosplay

Castaspella - GwenpieCosplay

Peekablue - omystephaniemichelle


    Yeah don't open any of those instagram links when you're at work...

    These links are kind of just.. depressing?

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