The Switch eShop Is Having An Aussie Indie Sale

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It's common for Nintendo to discount a ton of things in the post-E3 haze, but not so common is for all of those games to be Australian.

The sale will go live on the eShop from Thursday morning, and includes crackers like Assault Android Cactus, Feather, Crawl, Death Squared, The Gardens Between, Hand of Fate 2, Storm Boy, Think of the Children, and more.

20 games in total will be discounted, with only Hand of Fate 2 (which is 30 percent off) costing more than $20. Most of the games on offer will be available for around $10 or less, including the excellent Mini Metro and the very chill Feather, which launched earlier this year.

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  • The Adventure Pals (40 percent off)
  • Assault Android Cactus (30 percent off)
  • City of Brass (30 percent off)
  • Crawl (30 percent off)
  • Death Squared (61 percent off)
  • Feather (15 percent off)
  • Framed Collection (50 percent off)
  • The Gardens Between (50 percent off)
  • GoatPunks (20 percent off)
  • Hand of Fate 2 (30 percent off)
  • Mini Metro (20 percent off)
  • OTTTD (25 percent off)
  • Poly Bridge (50 percent off)
  • Putty Pals (50 percent off)
  • Screencheat (30 percent off)
  • Siegecraft Commander (70 percent off)
  • Storm Boy (50 percent off)
  • Super One More Jump (80 percent off)
  • Think of the Children (60 percent off)
  • The Warlock of Firetop Mountain: Goblin Scourge Edition (30 percent off)

Storm Boy and The Gardens Between are perfect Switch games, but you'd have to struggle not to find something good in the list above. I'd also recommend playing City of Brass and Framed Collection if you haven't already.

The sale will be live on the eShop from this Thursday, and will run until midnight June 30.


    Hmm, might be time to buy another copy of Assault Android Cactus.

      Yeah I've been meaning to grab the Switch version for a while.

    I didn't even know City of Brass was on the Switch. I need this.

    No Hollowknight in the mix! First that that pops into my mind these days when I hear Aussie Indie...

    Apparently Big W has 10% of eshop cards as well so keep that in mind if purchasing

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