There’s A New Game Based On The Zodiac Killings

There’s A New Game Based On The Zodiac Killings

The Zodiac is still one of the most famous serial killers in true crime history, having spawned countless podcasts, movies and feature articles. And from next year, there’ll be a video game about it as well.

It’s called This is the Zodiac Speaking, and it’s a single-player indie from Polish studio Punk Punch Games. Players fulfil the role of journalist Robert Hartnell — reminiscent of Bryan Hartnell, who survived eight stab wounds to the back from the Zodiac killer — who starts the game by getting a phone call from the Zodiac killer.

The Zodiac killings are one of the most documented unsolved crimes in America’s history, and This is the Zodiac Speaking promises to take players through a “evidence-based story” of what happened. There’s several endings, presumably based on the multiple suspects that have been suggested over the years.

This Is The Zodiac Speaking has a projected release date for 2020 on PC.

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