Twitch Suspends Dr Disrespect After IRL Stream Films In E3 Bathroom

Earlier this morning, one of the biggest streamers in the world, Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm, announced that he'd be doing his first IRL stream at E3, the biggest gaming show of the year. Hours later, Dr Disrespect's stream had been suspended after the streamer's broadcast wandered into a public bathroom multiple times.

The incident, which isn't available on Twitch but has been reposted online, is pretty straightforward. It shows Dr Disrespect peeing at the urinal, along with four other people, which is a basic violation: you can't film in public bathrooms, not in California (the governing state of Los Angeles) or most other cities.

One of the clips rehosted online — the stream went into multiple bathrooms before it was taken down — shows the camera following Dr Disrespect from outside the bathrooms, and walking back and forth before wandering into an empty stall. Another clip shows the camera walking into the bathroom, before being sent away, only to wander back in and record people at the urinals from only a few feet away. (Kotaku Australia has viewed the clips, but is not linking to them out of consideration of those filmed.)

Twitch hasn't officially commented on the ban, which is standard practice for them, but neither has the former Call of Duty community manager turned streamer. It's customary for Twitch to suspend channels for a short period — usually 7 to 14 days — over TOS violations like this, and for the most part, it's been welcomed on social media.

Even for one of Twitch's biggest personalities, there are some lines that can't be crossed.


    With twitch on this one as that was pretty stupid.

    If it's against the law then it seems fair to suspend him.

      I'd argue if it's against the law it should be an immediate and very permanent ban... But you know they want the money he brings to their platform, so they'll give him a pissy slap on the wrist despite the fact he went well beyond just breaking some of their rules.

        It's against basically every privacy law, in every territory. And that's without even bringing up the issue of accidentally filming minors (which they're not supposed to be at E3, but as everyone knows, when did that stop teenagers from going places and playing things they're not supposed to).

    Idiot streamer does idiotic thing. What else is new?

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    Even for one of Twitch's biggest personalities, there are some lines that can't be crossed.
    seems to be implying that some lines have been crossed and not punished, that is an article i would like to read because my interpretation is that twitch is on the whole overly punitive, punishing some streamers outside the scope of TOS given enough whining happens.

    obviously not in this case, if i was in the tinfoil hat brigade i would probably be saying this guy wanted a short holiday because it seems like a deliberate attempt to get suspended.

    Basic decency and common sense aside, I can't stress how important it is to know the filming laws for your local area if you're a content creator.
    Before everyone had a camera in their pocket and their own mass distribution system, film projects had lawyers attached to help them navigate local filming laws and restrictions. Your average content creator doesn't have that, most often doesn't even think to look into it. More awareness needs to be raised around this (at the platform level would be good), especially with the rise of IRL streaming and vlogging.

      On the other side of that, there's no chance in hell this streamer in particular didn't know he wasn't allowed to do this... And he did it anyway.

    Really stupid that twitch ban him when there are hundreds of thots painting their breast showing of their ass and body.
    Yet twitch does nothing it's a joke

      Yeah nah, adults exposing themselves on twitch is not illegal and would be a matter for the platforms terms of use. Filming people in a public toilet doing there 'business' is illegal pretty much everywhere. There is no comparison!

      It's a wonder no one decked the moron for doing so! There would have been at least a broken camera if I was there!

      Jesus christ dude, take that incel shit somewhere else. He filmed people IN A PUBLIC BATHROOM, he deserved what he got.

      That literally has nothing to do with what he's done though.

    Don't you think this is stupid there was no nudity at all.

    Still think twitch has no right to ban when they themselves push the barrier to
    disgusting content.

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      He broke state fucking law, what part of that isn't clear....

        Fanbois gonna fanboi.

      I'd be freaking out if someone walked into a public toilet with a camera while I was in there. Doesn't matter if they can see my junk or not. It's simple decency. Seems like the guy is basically trying to live up to his name.

      You ever wonder why there's no security cameras in the bathrooms?...Yeah because it's against the law mate... I thought this was a well known law just like running a red light...

    As much of a fan of the Doc that i am, This was still a stupid decision on his part.

    Filming in bathrooms at all is a no go zone. He should not have done this and the suspension is warranted.

    It's not clear from the article and maybe we don't know, but why did he do it? Like was it part of a bit or what?

    personally, I would like to know is he going to be charged cause Hollywood and anyone with a big audience seem to always get off with little more than a slap on the wrist even if it is a very illegal crime, it pisses me off just how much this seems to happen

      It comes down to representation. Hollywood actors can usually afford better legal aid.

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