Watch The UploadVR E3 Showcase Here

Image: Overkill Software / YouTube

VR typically gets a run during the major publisher showcases at E3. This year, it's got a breakout all for itself.

Following the steps of PC Gamer with the PC-exclusive showcase on the Tuesday, UploadVR are holding a VR-only conference of their own. It'll feature over 30 games, and it'll be a pre-recorded broadcast in the vein of a Nintendo Direct or PlayStation State of Play.

The pre-show will begin from — I'm so sorry — 0145 AEST / 2345 AWST / 0115 ACST / 0345 NZST, with the full broadcast kicking off 15 minutes later. It'll focus predominately on the PC side of VR, although there's no reason why PSVR developers won't make an appearance as well.

You'll be able to watch the stream through the UploadVR YouTube channel below.

0145 in the morning. Jesus wept. I'll be up to recap the announcements just before the PC Gaming Show, which you can follow along here.

For those invested in VR, what games would you like to see — and on what VR devices?


    Keen for this. Really hoping we get to see some of Respawn's VR game.
    Wouldn't be surprised to see some more Boneworks gameplay, maybe a release date if we're lucky. Stormlands release date would be nice too.
    Echo Combat and Echo Arena Quest ports wouldn't surprise me either.

    Hi Alex. Anything that is aimed at VR arcades. Especially kid friendly, and/or multiplayer.

    Hey Alex, you're the best! 2 more days to go, and best of luck not dying in the meantime.

    Oi Sydney, come with me.

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