Wall Street Journal Fortnite Column Instantly Turns Into Meme

Fortnite doesn’t hold a candle to my boyhood games of ‘fort night,’” reads the subhead for a recent column at the Wall Street Journal. In it, North Carolina attorney Mike Kerrigan laments that his kids don’t do the same sorts of things for fun that he used to when he was their age. To make his argument, Kerrigan takes Fortnite’s name very literally, and the internet is having fun doing the same.

Fortnite doesn’t seem fun,” Kerrigan writes. “It just can’t be as entertaining as the real thing. By real thing I don’t mean the combat featured in the game. I mean a memorable activity from the summer of 1980, when I was 9. I mean, quite literally, ‘fort night.’”

And what, you may wonder, is a “fort night?”

“With nothing but a couch, a bedsheet, a broom and a T-shirt, we revelled in the wonder of boyhood. Our joy was pure because it flowed directly from the indispensable and most precious thing a child possesses: imagination.”

Meanwhile the internet has been revelling in Kerrigan’s linguistic games. Proving that imagination isn’t the sole province of children, people on Twitter fired back:

“I hope my boys never lose sight of life’s simple joys,” Kerrigan writes near the end of his column. “I hope someday they have their own stories to tell and look back as fondly on their childhood as I do on mine.”

They’ll certainly have this one.


    Funnily enough Raina’s first response comparing Pong to Ping Pong proves the column writer’s point.

    I’d be mightily ashamed if there wasn’t a tweet comparing playing Yakuza to their boyhood on the streets of Kamurocho being a Yakuza.

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    In 40 years time Mike Kerrigan Jr will pen an article talking about how the Matrix doesn't hold a candle to the gold old days of Fortnite.

    I struggle to find why others take issue in what younger generations find fun.

    Whenever some starts saying something along the lines of "Back in my day..." i instantly turn off and ignore anything that comes after it.

      That's a very ignorant way to live, thinking that only what you think is fun or valid or relavent is right and then shutting down without hearing what others have to say. Does the saying "Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it" ring a bell? All through my life I've had friends that are a huge spectrum of ages- some much older, some younger and the best thing I've learned is that everyone knows something you don't. I think you're doing yourself a massive disservice, mate.

        I think you've misread my comment.

        I was referring to the types who always have to pipe up and say "Back in my day i did X, I don't understand why X generation likes to do X [insert moronic reasoning here]"

          No, I read it right. Yes when old farts do that it is annoying as all hell, but I can see why they do it. Confusion, frustration and lack of understanding of what kids are into. Sadly it won't be long before I'm probably belting out that comment, but I always try to take an interest in what my kids do and try to never be dismissive of their interests. But what I'm saying to you is that when you shut down instantly at the 1st utterance of "when I was blah blah," maybe instead hear em out, find out why modern life is so odd for them at times and perhaps try to enlighten them with your interests a bit (if they are open minded) as well as giving their interests the time of day too? It's only fair after all. Maybe if you hear them out you might even find you have a bit more in common than you thought ? All I'm saying is don't shut peeps out cuz they don't "get it". Both of you may even learn something about each other. That whole "when I was your age, etc..." could be them just trying to say "Oh that's what's you're into? This is what I was into as a kid. Damn, I wish we had what you've got!" My Dad does it, but he's not saying what he did was better, he's just trying to find common ground for a conversation so he can be closer to me because he loves me.

      Boomers gonna boomer, basically.

        The worst are the ones who think because they didnt get something back in their days, We shouldnt get it.

        Its like they dont want our society to evolve just because they didnt get something.

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