Watch Dogs Legion Looks Wild And Ambitious, Will Be Out In March

Watch Dogs Legion Looks Wild And Ambitious, Will Be Out In March

As leaked by Amazon UK last week, the next game in Ubisoft’s hacking adventure series is Watch Dogs Legion, due out March 6, 2020. It’s based in London, allows players to collect and control non-player characters and looks pretty amazing. Check it out.

In a gameplay demonstration of Watch Dogs Legion that kicked off Ubisoft’s E3 2019 press conference today, the player hopped between different recruited operatives to perform different tasks. There are characters good at infiltration, some better with full-on combat. In the mission shown, players are attempting to recruit a character that can handle drones, useful for a future mission.


This legion that players are building are in response to the threat of a growing totalitarian regime. The characters walking the streets of London are the stars of the game, fully-voiced characters with extensive back stories. Players can form their own team as they see fit, from street gangs to secret agents. It sounds like a huge amount of programming work.

You can watch the entire Watch Dogs Legion gameplay demo in the video below. We’ll have impressions of the game in action soon.


  • Hm? Satellite Reign had a version of this, with the player able to hijack and recruit new agents/scientists from anyone they saw walking on the street, each with their own innate stats. And while I LOVED the concept, the very real consequence was my rolling recruitment of entire districts, head-hunting the ‘perfect agent’ instead of actually playing the fucking game.

    I hope this gets balanced well enough that you don’t drop everything you’re doing for weeks to instead play human-based pokemon.

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    Here’s another from gamespot:

    This looks great, but one of the things I liked about Watchdogs 2 was you could play the entire game without using guns, just relying on hacking and stealth to get through. (with the exception of one achievement.) This one looks like you are kind of forced to use guns. Hopefully you can go down a different route… This looks a lot darker too, both literally and figuratively. I feel a little underwhelmed, but still excited about some of the concepts. I can’t wait to build a team of kickass grannies.

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