Rewatch The Google Stadia Games And Price Reveal Here

Rewatch The Google Stadia Games And Price Reveal Here

There are still many question marks over what Google Stadia cloud gaming experience. What games will it have? How much will it cost? Those things, at least, will be revealed on Thursday.

Google is holding a “Stadia Connect” livestream this Thursday where, the giant corporation says, details about Stadia’s global launch and pricing will be revealed. Most importantly, we’ll learn what games the cloud service will ship with, although it’s likely that the available games for Australians will be much broader — Stadia isn’t expected to be available here until next year.

The livestream will kick off on Friday, June 7 0200 AEST / 0000 AWST / 0130 ACST / 0400 NZST. You can watch the event through the embedded livestream below.

The company uploaded a small teaser earlier this morning, although it largely rehashed the same info as above.

Australians are sceptical of cloud gaming in general, thanks to our track record with stable broadband. So what price would Stadia have to be to convince you to give it a try, and what games would you want to play on the service?

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  • Not Australia

    Of course not with our unreliable connections in at least 50% of the country. No info on the standard tier though (since only those with stable NBN have a chance of even reaching that 4K resolution).

  • Frankly the only way I’d use Stadia is if there is a game I really want to play and it’s not available otherwise (GoG, Steam, etc). Even relatively reliable online games like WoW and Diablo still drop out with monotonous regularity. And that’s on a 100MBit NBN FTTP connection.

    I can see the idea having merit for people who haven’t already invested in the hardware to play games locally, but for those of us with solid gaming PCs Stadia just seems to be adding a new point of failure in the gaming delivery process.

  • I like how they are promising 4K 60fps at a bandwidth rate… thats way less than Youtubes recommended bandwidth rate. So unless they are performing dark rituals in a server room, I don’t think they can deliver half of what they promised.

    Seriously latency faster than the human eye!

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