Rewatch Square Enix's E3 2019 Conference Here

Hot damn, that Avengers trailer.

The Square presser, which should answer all of the FF7 remake questions you have, starts from 1100 AEST / 0900 AWST / 1030 ACST / 1300 NZST. You can watch it through the official Twitch channel, or their SquareEnixPresents YouTube channel.

What do you want to see from Square, and FF7 in particular?


    Exactly when I start my shift.
    I'm keen to see more enemies and characters we haven't seen yet. We got a half look at President Shinra yesterday.
    I got a good question though: The whole "episode" is largely going to take place in Midgar, right. But in the original, you don't get your first summon (Choco/Mog) until the Chocobo farm.
    So what will they do?

    I want them to scrap this stupid episodic idea because I don't want to play 3-4 hours and then have to wait 5 years for the next 1/8 of the game.

      Yeah agreed, I won't be spending a cent on this until you can play the whole story of FFVII in it's entirety.

    Where the hell do I pre-order the collector edition in AU >.< !!!!?!

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