Rewatch The PC Gaming E3 2019 Conference Here

Rewatch The PC Gaming E3 2019 Conference Here

We know Larian’s working on Baldur’s Gate 3. There’s a huge Vampire: The Masquerades title in the works. Star Citizen is so far away from being done, and Relic are toiling away at Age of Empires 4. And that’s not to mention all the indie publishers expected to show up this year.

E3 2019: How to watch the PC Gaming Show

Hosted nice and early on the Tuesday morning again — but not clashing with Ubisoft this time, thankfully — the PC Gaming Show is expected to run for a couple of hours, starting from just before 0300 AEST / 0100 AWST / 0500 NZST / 0430 ACST. There should be some interactive trivia on the stream before the show runs, and it’s confirmed there will be some hardware announcements peppered throughout.

You can watch the whole thing through the official Twitch channel or YouTube below. It should start about 15 minutes before the scheduled time, although everyone’s welcome to make predictions or guesses below.

Over 30 games will be shown this year. What won’t be there is a huge showing from AMD — the silicon maker is holding its own livestream later in the day, where they’ll reveal the details of their Navi GPUs that they didn’t talk about at Computex. If you want the gist of what’s liable to come up, my roundtable interview with the AMD team is a good place to start.

What AMD Didn't Say About Navi (That They Will At E3)

A solid chunk of AMD's Computex keynote was all about the performance of their desktop CPUs, which makes sense if you're claiming that you've taken the lead in performance and process technology for the first time in over a decade. But equally important was the company's Navi gaming GPUs, which are due to ship later this year.

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Now, what PC titles would you like to see this year — and how many do you bet will be Epic Store exclusives?

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