What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Getting as much sleep as possible in between E3, more or less.

This year's E3 will start real early on the Sunday — around 2am if you want some time to get ready for the Jedi Fallen Order stream — but beyond that, there should be plenty of time to knock out some last-minute games before the madness begins.

I've been playing a lot of Cricket 19 on the Switch. If things go well today, I'll have some long thoughts about what it's like. Beyond that, I'm hoping for some sleep, some washing, some board games with friends. (Gaia Project, finally, I swear.)

What are you playing this weekend — and how much of E3 will you be tuning into this year?


    With Baulders Gate 3 on its way I think I'll have to complete Divinity: Original Sin 2 :D

    My son has started playing old school Sonic so I'll probably have to do some boss battles for him.

    I'll probably play a bit of Smash and jump back into Shakedown Hawaii which I'm finding fun in short bursts. Been a few weeks since I've played anything so looking forward to it.

    Might start Outer Wilds, premise looks interesting.

    Just finished Observation. I liked it but admit i had absolutely no clue what was going on.

    As for E3, i will watch Bethesda's presser, maybe Microsofts idk yet.

    not so much as playing as Watching the MDI finals

    Probably Journey on PC! This is now the third time I've purchased it as I no longer own a PS3 or PS4. Maybe it's only a second purchase...possibly the PS3 version transferred to PS4, makes me feel a little bit better. Meh, don't care, it's a great game.


    Probably will play fifa and see whatever drops in the humblebundle

    Was going to go back and play GTA IV on PC as I never finished the game. But damn. What a shit show it is trying to get that game running on windows these days. After countless edits to files, patches or updated gfwl and shortcuts with loading commands, I gave up. It shouldn't be that hard to play a game I own. By the end of it I should've just downloaded the pirated version.

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