World Of Warcraft’s Rise Of Azshara Update Is Live And There’s So Much To Do

World Of Warcraft’s Rise Of Azshara Update Is Live And There’s So Much To Do

It’s a big day for World of Warcraft as the long-running MMORPG upgrades to version 8.2 with the massive Rise of Azshara update. Players can now explore two new zones, earn gnome and tauren heritage armour, learn to fly in the Battle for Azeroth zones and gain the ability to hide all of their armour but their pants. Truly, it is the dawn of a new Azerothian age.

Internally, and by that I mean inside my head, I’ve been referring to Rise of Azshara as the gnome update. One of the two new zones introduced, the mechanical city of Mechagon, is a gnomish paradise, and I hope my smaller World of Warcraft characters can spend most of their lives living there.

The Mechagon Island zone is sort of an extension of my favourite spot in the expansion, and I can’t wait to explore its junk-covered hills, meeting and making all sorts of mechanical toys, minions and equipment using the new junkyard tinkering feature.


Mechagon Island leads to Operation: Mechagon, a new eight-boss mega-dungeon that’s only available in the advanced, Mythic difficulty.

Meanwhile, in non-gnomish content, Horde and Alliance players will be plunged into the Nazjatar zone, home of Queen Azshara and her naga armies. I don’t know why she gets top billing, but her zone, which is a vast kingdom beneath the surface of Azeroth’s ocean, looks mighty impressive so far.


In Nazjatar, players can collect something called Prismatic Manapears, which can be exchanged for special upgradeable Benthic gear. This unique armour, intended for use in the Nazjatar zone and the upcoming Azshara’s Eternal Palace raid, will grant the owner special benefits, such as increased damage, increased mount speed, enemy debuffs and such.

This is one of those World of Warcraft expansions where I log in and have no idea what to go after first. Do I work towards earning exalted with Gnomeregan so I can get the new gnome heritage armour?


Do I level an alt so I can get the tauren heritage armour, which replaces cloaks with a huge, wooden totem?


There are also new quests to complete. The war campaign continues, advancing the Horde versus Alliance battle at the centre of the Battle for Azeroth expansion. There are new island expeditions and a vast new PVP battleground to get wrecked in. Hell, I haven’t even completed the first half of the flying in Battle for Azeroth achievement, and now the second half is live in the game. Should I complete that and get the mechanical parrot mount? I just don’t know.

Oh wait, let me just look through these update notes one more time. Of course, it was staring me in the face this whole time. One moment.


Did I mention players can now turn all of their armour invisible except for their pants? It’s pants party time, people. PANTS PARTY.

Check out Blizzard’s hand Rise of Azshara survival guide video for a list of things to do if pants parties aren’t your thing.


  • Too much to do. Most of it grinding reputations and other drab things. I don’t have the stomach for it these days, hours and hours of killing the same mobs and doing the same dailies just to be able to do something simple like fly my flying mount.

      • You are right. Flying is only helping you boost your other characters to make that easier. It definitely did for me in previous expansions when going from my Horde character to Alliance

        • Yeah and thankfully they are interchangeable. Imagine having to do 2 separate pathfinder acheeves for both factions.

        • The gating of flying in the last couple xpacs gave me the shits so much I unsubbed for months, rejoining each time just before it was possible to unlock flying. That way I only had a month of non-flight in each xpac. This time around I’ve been struggling through it the whole time. I’ll be glad when we finally get flight back. It’ll actually encourage me to do more world quests since they’ll be less of a pain in the butt.

          Oh and in relation to the article… “Prismatic Manapears” om nom nom. 🙂

          • I haven’t unlocked flying since WoD, never did get the achievement because I just couldn’t be stuffed. I hate it, was quite happy buying “flying licenses” like the older expansions, but Blizzard has to keep people playing somehow and apparently endless grinding is their answer.

          • First things first, I hate that blizzard arbitrarily decides when we can unlock flying (and that it’s months after release) but the mechanics aren’t a complete grind. Revered rep is pretty easy to get with a faction in a few weeks without killing yourself (I’m almost revered with the new factions in about 5 days). As for the exploring achieves required to unlock flight they’re even easier. I also like the fact that unlocking it on a main unlocks it for your whole account.

            If they’d just let us unlock flight earlier I’d be perfectly happy with the mechanism.

          • Nah it’s garbage, but that’s just my take on it. It’s artificial gameplay extending under the guise of “we want you to explore our lovingly crafted world” designed to keep those subscriptions rolling in. Reputation grinding is never fun and shouldn’t keep things locked behind it, it’s fine for things like tabard collecting or if you want a faction’s mounts and so on but forcing me to grind dailies and things and hit revered with factions I don’t care about for the sole purpose of ticking something off a checklist isn’t fun. In a “few weeks” I could’ve started and finished a number of other, much more fun games.

          • Except you’re literally expecting to play WoW for months, if not years. It’s literally not a “play for a few weeks to finish it” type game. As such it makes a lot more sense to set things up so that you can do them as daily/weekly/monthly/annual quests and work through at the pace you like for as long as you enjoy it.

            And as I pointed out, if you want to *grind* the rep out. It’s gonna take just a little over a week. That’s hardly terrible. A more casual play style will still get it within a month without killing themselves.

  • now that I’m older – I want to play it, but know that I cannot invest the hours into it to make it fun again

  • I played so many hours of WoW over the last 12 years that I got really burnt on the huge changes that BfA launched with. Definitely found a different game whose grind of killing the same enemies and running the same raids has been hugely rewarding for me. Definitely felt like a bigger contributor in a smaller group of 6 for something that is equally as difficult, and I have a grind loop that I enjoy. I don’t know if there will be anything that happens in WoW that could bring me back

    • In my opinion the heart of Azeroth changes were pretty terrible. Haven’t played since I capped out all my Reputations back when it launched so not sure on whether they fixed it.

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