Would You Like 23 USB Ports With That

Would You Like 23 USB Ports With That

People say you can never have too many USB ports. But have those people had 23 USB ports to choose from?

The hilariously overkill amount of options is one of the features of a new motherboard from MSI, a line of motherboards targeting professional workstation users, VFX artists, and others who want to connect A Lot Of Things.

The ports are the physical maximum of what MSI can support with the X570 chipset (the same one motherboards built for the latest Ryzen generation will use when they start shipping in July).

Aimed at content creators, it’s called the Prestige X570 Creation. Along with 6 USB 2.0 ports for compatibility, there’s a whopping 14x first-gen USB 3.2 ports, and 3x second-gen USB 3.2 ports. They’re spread out across the front and back connectors, but naturally you’ll find the most USB ports at the back.

The rest of the motherboard is largely what you’d expect from something built for the next-generation — Wi-Fi 6 support is coming as standard, there’s two PCIe 4.0 slots and 6 SATA ports in case you need it, MSI’s take on what motherboard cooling should be, and a pre-installed I/O shield, eliminating one of the most annoying bits about installing any motherboard.

What’s interesting here, though, is that it’s not just monitors and sleek designs that manufacturers are targeting at the Apple crowd. It’s motherboards too, although I’d love to meet the person who looks at their PC or Mac and thinks, “If only I had another six or seven USB ports.”

The author travelled to Computex as a guest of ASUS and Intel.


  • “Lifts pinky finger up” – RTA add

    I can’t even get the 4 last USBs on my build to even work haha

  • I have a Surface Book that has two in-built USB 3.0 ports. Into one of those is plugged a 7 port USB Hub that has a mouse, keyboard, 2 USB storage devices and a controller leaving 3 ports for temporary things. Even if I decided to replace my speakers with USB ones I still can’t manage to fill 8 ports.

    Is this for one of those people who buy every USB toy like coffee warmers, fans etc.?

    • Depends a bit on hardware I guess. I have a keyboard that uses two USB ports, plus a mouse, headphones*, printer, scanner, monitor (for webcam) a Wacom drawing tablet. So that’s 8 constantly plugged in. Add to that temporary stuff like USB sticks, USB drives, digital camera, SD Card reader, mobile phone and tablet. I could easily hit 15 devices. And that’s without resorting to the weird USB stuff like fans, chillers, warmers and so on.

      Being able to run them all off the Mobo directly rather than the (somewhat dodgy) hubs built into the monitor and keyboard would be nice.

      * Used to have USB headphones, ditched them to go back to good ol’ fashioned analog ones.

  • Nice. When I brought my last motherboard I was very annoyed by how few ports the Intel boards had. 4-6 USB ports on the back simply wasn’t enough at the time while my old AMD mobo has 10. I rarely use my printer / scanner anymore so it’s less of an issue, but it was still strange at the time that none of the boards had more (or 6 ram slots).

  • Along with 6 USB 2.0 ports for compatibility, there’s a whopping 14x first-gen USB 3.2 ports, and 6x second-gen USB 3.2 ports
    Doesn’t that add up to 26 ports?

      • After reading this article I had to look up USB 3.2. What a frickin mess. Thank you USB consortium for making the naming confusing as hell.

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