A Keanu Reeves Mod For Metal Gear Solid V

Here’s a Metal Gear Solid V mod that changes Snake into Keanu Reeves. You can choose to be John Wick Keanu or Cyberpunk 2077 Keanu.

A couple of things. Firstly, the model is really good! And second, of course the mod only changes Snake’s appearance, not how he sounds, though having Keanu’s face with Kiefer Sutherland’s voice is the bizarre early 90s crossover event none of us ever expected but are now very glad is here.

The mod was made by JinMar, and you can download it for the PC version of the game here.


    I would've preferred it if they modded him onto a generic soldier (or even your customized one) and not Snake. Then you could choose for each mission whether you wanted to be Snake, Keanu or Kojima.
    Still, this looks pretty good!

      *actually looks at the link* Oh, they did do that as well. Cool!

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