A PC, Xbox One, PS4 And Nintendo Switch, All In The One System

A PC, Xbox One, PS4 And Nintendo Switch, All In The One System

The quickest, easiest and most horrifically expensive way to end the console wars forever would be to simply put every major platform on the market in 2019, including a powerful gaming PC, in the one box. And that’s exactly what this one box does.


Made by Origin, they call it Big O, and inside its case is the actual hardware for a PC, Xbox One X, PS4 Pro and Nintendo Switch. As impressive as it looks and sounds, it’s not something you can actually buy, mostly because it was made as a stunt for the company’s 10th birthday, and partly because the cost of one of these babies would be insane.

I do like the convenience factor, though, as well as the bombast in putting something like this together, so I’m going to indulge them.

The Nintendo Switch is unchanged, and accommodated by simply installing a Switch dock in the PC’s case. The PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, however, are now liquid-cooled, and each have a new 2TB SSD replacing their standard drives.

The PC itself, meanwhile, is an i9-9900K with an Nvidia Titan RTX, 64GB RAM and a 14TB HDD.

All of which is very impressive, but do a GameCube/Dreamcast one next, please.


  • Saw an unboxing of this yesterday (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErQQc6cUSTA&t=1s) so went looking for the cost. Couldnt find a price attached to it, but I put the parts through a price picker last night, and the PC components loosely came out to about $10,000. That didnt include a few custom parts, like the cooling and case. Couple of bits werent on the list either, so did the best I could.

    So with the consoles (call it an average $1000 each) and profit uplift, you’re looking at an easy $15k-$20k for this beast. I so want one. I suspect we’ll start seeing more high end combo’s like this with the next generation of consoles. Its a real man cave toy a lot of cashed up people would want.

  • The only downside to this is the fact that the PS4 and Xbox are digital only. Meaning you’d have to jailbreak them to rip your physical collection to the drives. Meaning no online play :\

    Still want tho, haha

    • Was wondering if they were digital only or disc usable, I didnt read that far. Now I wonder if the optical drive of the PC could be multipurposed for console use as well. Might take some tech magic, but I cant see why not. Most issues would be circumvent-able with switchers and the like.

      • That would’ve been great. But i’d imagine it would make it that much more expensive.
        (I say that like this behemoth is actually able to be purchased, lmao)

      • Unfortunately, the XBone and PS4 blu-ray drives use custom firmware that enforces the heinous DRM those systems use to prevent disc copying. It wouldn’t be possible to create a single drive that could read both disc formats, let alone also function as a BD-ROM drive for the PC side as well.

        • That doesnt sound unsolvable to me, just a problem that hasnt needed solving before now. Off the top of my head, switching between separate firmwares would do the job, you’d just need a method of switching between them.

          The basic process of reading a disc isnt any different between the systems – its a blue laser, reading a disc – so any difference is just software. Doesnt necessarily mean it would be easy, or even practical, but it doesnt sound impossible to me.

  • Give me just the consoles in one system, with disc drives, and I would be interested as I haven’t bought any of the current gen consoles yet and already have a PC, which I definitely wouldn’t have close enough to my TV to have it all in one system.

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