A Slightly Different Take On Metroid's Samus Aran

Trevor Carr, an artist at Riot, has been working on this version of Metroid’s Samus Aran for a while now.

Originally wanting to “deviate pretty wildly from the core design”, he eventually settled on something closer to her original appearance, “or you’d lose what was so iconic about that classic look”.

You can see more of Trevor’s stuff at his ArtStation page.


    So Samus has no legs below her thighs?

    Mostly well done except for the high heels, that's just silly.

    Her head is fucking massive. Bigger than the helmet.

    Her waist is ridiculously small to begin with, but on top of that Chupa chup head? It's like a liefeld picture with all the kneepads and ammo pouches removed.

      Ugh I just looked at it again. Her cherub face and rosy cheeks and accentuated arse armour... Everything about this is a guy who wants to fuck a videogame character.

      No wonder he works at Riot.

        Yeah, it's def a fanservice anime version of Samus, which sort of flies in the face of Samus' origins? The whole original reveal of Samus as actually being a woman doesn't really work if her armour has hips, boobs and high heels. Obviously that reveal has been out of the bag for a long time now, but I like the idea of Samus being almost androgynous - not defined by her gender but by her abilities. Putting emphasis on the character's sexuality seems oddly insulting. :/

    Originally wanting to “deviate pretty wildly from the core design”, he eventually ... ... decided to deviate from human anatomy. I know it's just an illustration, but regardless, when she takes her armour off she's going to look frightening.

    I'm a bit worried about Samus' physiology anyway, considering her morph ball ability!

    The armor is fantastic. The heels less so. The heels are stupid.
    Not big about the huge head either.

    I think Metroid Prime nailed Samus's face. Every incarnation after that looked too Barbie, and this is no exception.

    Wow I could've bet money on the comments here being all 'no fun allowed.'

    It looks mighty fine.

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