A Strange But Free Platformer About Escaping From A Bird’s Stomach

A Strange But Free Platformer About Escaping From A Bird’s Stomach
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There’s a ton of quirky games you can find on Steam that won’t cost you a cent if you’re prepared to look. Case in point: BirdGut, a hand-drawn platformer from Micah Boursier about a troubled bee.

You play as the poor bee, whose quickly ejected from the hive for being undeveloped. Lacking a job, you find your way to the nearby insect unemployment queue … where you’re quickly swallowed by a bird and sent into the depths of its stomach.

Along the way, you discover the bird’s stomach is actually a factory line where insects are brainwashed to serve the avian state. And so starts your journey back to the surface and out of the strange, dystopian world you’ve suddenly found yourself in.

BirdGut wasn’t especially challenging platformer, despite some warnings on the store page and Steam forums. That’s for the best: half the appeal is enjoying the quirky aesthetic and the absurdity of the setting, rather than the challenging platforming. It’s a game that’s found some appeal among speedrunners, but it’s just a nice treat to play something that’s different and free.

BirdGut is available for free on Steam now, and has a user rating of 95 percent from almost 1000 reviews.

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