Alex Ross Draws Brandon Routh As Kingdom Come Superman

Last weekend, we learned that Brandon Routh, the Superman of Superman Returns, would be returning to the cape and tights for the DC TV universe’s upcoming Crisis event. We also learned that he wouldn’t just be returning as Superman — he’d be returning as the iconic Kingdom Come iteration of the hero. Or, at least, a Superman wearing the same costume.

The Kingdom Come Superman is the tragic creation of writer Mark Waid and artist Alex Ross, who painted an older, more dour Superman in a more stark version of his iconic costume, with an emblem featuring black and red and no yellow to speak of.

Alex Ross, apparently excited about the news, has shared a sketch on his Instagram featuring Routh wearing that costume, giving us a glimpse of what he might look like. Or what he could look like in a fuller adaptation of Kingdom Come.

He looks pretty great, honestly. I’m sold. Movie when? Routh deserves another shot.

Arrow’s final season premieres on October 16 on Fox8.


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