Amazon Prime Day’s Best Gaming And Tech Deals [Updated]

Amazon Prime Day’s Best Gaming And Tech Deals [Updated]
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Amazon’s members-only deals has just one day to go, so if you’re after some cheap games (or laptops, peripherals, and so on), here’s all the bargains you need.

All current deals are listed here, but below you’ll find a curated list of the games, laptops, peripherals, TVs and other accessories that you might like.

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0800 16/7/19: You can still grab the PSVR Mega Bundle, which comes with the PSVR and the PlayStation Camera (but not the Move controllers, which are sold separately), as well as Astro Bot, Wipeout Omega Collection, Skyrim VR, Doom VR and Playstation VR Worlds, for $280. The Switch Lite is also still available for $288 if you’re an Amazon Prime member, or $298 for non-Prime members.

Why Yes, I'll Take A Mechanical Keyboard For $49

Need a new mechanical keyboard, one without a massive footprint on the desk or your wallet? Well, here's one for $49.

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That 1TB NVMe Drive Is Still Going For A Song

If you're putting together a new rig, maybe something with that flash new 7nm hardware, then you might want a new hard drive to go with it. So how about a drive that's faster than anything you can throw at it?

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Grab A Switch Lite For $288

It's been less than a week since the Nintendo Switch Lite was announced but there's already a pricing war for pre-order sales available. While Nintendo was offering the new release for $329.95, it seems retailers are doing what they do best: undercutting the bejeezus out of Nintendo for our benefit.

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A Bargain On A Cracking Portable SSD

One of the best bargains during Black Friday last year was the very, very useful portable Samsung SSDs. But if you missed out, or you need a second drive, good news.

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All The Cheap Prime Day Gaming Laptops

Amazon's been growing their local range of gaming laptops, so it's no surprise that quite a few of them are discounted today.

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Amazon Prime Day Gaming Deals

There’s DualShock 4 controllers for $45 each (blue/red/black/white) as well as the Sony wireless stereo headset for $69 and the PS4 Pro 1TB with Fortnite for $399.There’s 10 percent off all PS4 games here, some Switch games for cheap, and bargains on some PC games here. Red Dead Redemption 2 is also available on the PS4 for $49.50.

Here’s some of the gaming deals that you can get right now.

The full list of Amazon’s video game deals, from console bundles to accessories and individual games, can be browsed here.

Amazon Prime Day Tech Deals

You can grab a 15 percent discount on Razer Blade and Razer Blade Advanced Model laptops, and they’re Australian versions with Australian warranty. Those in need of a gaming monitor can grab a 24-inch Acer Predator 1080p 144Hz screen for just $238. You can also grab a 10TB desktop Western Digital hard drive — albeit with an American power plug — for $258 here.

Need some cheap noise cancelling headphones? Sony’s WH-CH700N’s are going for $126.65, which is miles below the $260 the H900N’s cost and hundreds of dollars less than the (very good) Bose QC35’s and Sony’s 1000XM3’s. If you want beefier noise cancelling, Sennheiser’s PXC 550’s are only $260 today, which is a solid price for a very reliable set of cans with 30 hours of battery life per charge.

If you’re looking for more general tech offers, here’s what’s available on the site right now. Again, note that some of the discounts will be applied at checkout and not immediately visible on the page — always check for the Prime Day Deal badge on the listing.

More deals are due to go live from midnight Monday Sydney time, and will be updated over the course of the coming days. All exclusive Prime deals can be browsed through Amazon’s landing page here, and you can see all the daily and flash deals on electronics, video games, books, music, and more here.

This post will get updated regularly over the next few days, so keep checking back for more offers.


    • Not to say its ok.
      But that it is quite literally EVERY big company you buy basically anything from.
      Just usually its more hidden away by it being 3rd world people being paid peanuts.

      • Ethically, is it worse to buy from Amazon that treat their local workers like shit and pay horribly or to buy from somewhere that buys stuff overseas for peanuts but that works out to be a living wage there?

        • Most of what i’ve heard over there it seems to barely be a living wage either for a lot of the big companies factories. Even less so than the bad pay the local workers are getting (which is bad pay but only made terrible by the fact most people spend like retards here).
          But IDK

  • I preordered a PC Engine Mini from the japanese site due to it only being available from It’s going to cost around $160 to deliver to my shopmate address in the US plus another $60 to $80 (depending how big the box is) to get it delivered to Australia.
    Really wish Amazon’s international sites would just deliver directly to Australian addresses.????

    • Why not use a Japanese freight forwarder instead of a US one? Seems weird to go JP-US-AU when you can just do JP-AU.

      • I don’t know any good japanese ones. I only went with shopmate because it’s through Australia Post. Can you suggest any good Japanese freight forwarding services?

        • (reposted to fix the URL and because edit-mod sucks)

          It’s been years now since I used it, but when I needed something from Rakuten that only delivered to JP addresses I used which at the time cost me 9000 yen (about $120 AUD) for a 4kg package. That included both the shipping fee and their service fee. They emailed me when it arrived at their warehouse, I paid the fee and they shipped it the next day.

          No idea how they’re doing these days but I had a good experience with them a few years back. Worth a look.

          • I’ll give them a shot and change the postage address on my order, or reorder if that doesn’t work.

            Thank you Zombie Jesus

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