Why Yes, I'll Take A Mechanical Keyboard For $49

amazon prime day cheap mechanical keyboard

Need a new mechanical keyboard, one without a massive footprint on the desk or your wallet? Well, here's one for $49.

Good mechanical keyboards can set you back well over a hundred dollars in Australia, so it's nice to see something more affordable. The E-Element compact 81 key mechanical keyboard with red, brown and blue Outemu switches is currently selling for $60, which is the perfect prime if you want to take a punt on a new keyboard.

Each of the keyboards are priced slightly differently. It'll cost $60 for the black/blue switches model, while anyone grabbing the white/brown switches keyboard will have to pay $63.68. The cheapest version is the Rainbow 81 model with blue switches, which is available for $49.

But, you might ask, what are Outemu switches? They're basically clones of the Cherry MX switches that feature in most mechanical keyboards. They're usually louder than your traditional Cherry switches, so a definite recommendation if you're a blue/black keyboard user and your keyboard just isn't clicky enough. You can see a full breakdown of the Outemu switches and how they compare to every other major keyboard switch (Greetech, Kailh, Razer, Cherry and so on) via this neat guide on Imgur.

To check out all the variants, head to the Amazon listing.

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    I've had one of these for about 2 years, great keyboard for the price.

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