Apex Legends Players Are Learning A Lot About Leviathans

Apex Legends Players Are Learning A Lot About Leviathans
Screenshot: <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThSKocfe5QE">Respawn/YouTube</a>

Apex Legends Season Two brought some changes to the game’s map. Leviathans, those dinosaur-like monsters that used to stand in the water off King’s Canyon, are now stationed across the landscape. In the two days since the season launched, players have been discovering what you can do with them.

In my impressions of Season Two, I noted that I’d punched a leviathan but not been able to make it do anything. Apparently I wasn’t patient enough. Though an in-game lore screen says leviathans are non-aggressive herbivores, they can really mess you up if you get too close. 

Leviathans don’t move fast, but you need to keep your eyes peeled when they do.

This slow movement can also be used to your advantage, as one player on Reddit found when a leviathan finished off an enemy player for them. However, they might also kill you when they aren’t moving at all: Another player tried to resurrect a teammate near a leviathan’s foot, only to spontaneously die.

Some players have found loot under the leviathans’ feet, though you have to be quick to grab it.

In one of my matches my team’s jump master tried to land on a leviathan, but we slid off. I thought we’d just come in wrong, but it seems as though you can’t land on them.

A player on Reddit tried to land on a leviathan’s head only to get stuck and have to leave the game. Another got stuck near a leviathan’s mouth. Maybe just avoid their heads? This is hard, because when they’re munching on treetops they look adorably like lizards on weed, but do your best.

I’m excited to see if leviathans do anything else, or if their behaviour changes over the season. I also really want to know more about Apex Legendsflyers, especially the ones trapped in rooms. I would very much like a dragon friend, or ideally a dragon army.

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