Aussie Outlet Calls Time After 8 Years

Trade Media, the Australian company responsible for running the MCV Pacific, Develop Pacific and Esports Pro titles, announced on Friday afternoon that after 8 years the three brands would cease to operate in Australia.

The future of the brands was thrown into doubt on Monday, after Trade Media announced that they would not be extending their license to run the MCV, Develop and Esports Pro brands in Australia. An option was always available for Datamedia and Future Publishing to continue operating the brands locally, but today's post confirmed that would not be the case.

"Thanks to you we were able to create events and programs that we will hold close to our hearts as some of our proudest achievements, most notably our Women In Games and Diversity programs and events," the company wrote in a post.

Trade Media will continue ahead with the 2019 edition of the Australian Game Awards, scheduled for December this year. The company announced that more details would be announced next month about a new venture.

MCV Pacific, its owner Joel van Daal, as well as all the writers and freelancers who have contributed to the publication, have always been incredibly generous to Kotaku Australia both under my editorship, and editors past. Former MCV writers and editors — who were all employed by Trade Media — helped broaden our understanding of the local games scene, as well as assisting Kotaku writers from time to time on our own features and stories.

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From myself to all involved: thank you for your service.


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