Aussie Gamer Pleads Guilty To Assaulting Girlfriend During Stream

luke munday mrdeadmoth twitch alleged assault fortniteImage: Twitch (MrDeadMoth)

Luke "MrDeadMoth" Munday, an Australian who was suspended from Twitch last year, has pleaded guilty to a charge of common assault for hitting his pregnant girlfriend during a Fortnite stream.

Content warning: this story contains references to domestic assault.

Munday was suspended in December last year after a Fortnite stream in which he assaulted his partner off-screen, an incident that resulted in his suspension and eventual ban from Twitch (although he did return briefly in January).

Fortnite Streamer Returns To Twitch After Alleged Assault

After a temporary ban from Twitch following the alleged assault of his partner during a livestream, Australian Fortnite streamer Luke "MrDeadMoth" Munday returned to the platform this week.

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Munday appeared in Picton Local Court on Monday, where he pleaded guilty to one charge of common assault.

Munday, who posted recently that he hasn't streamed since January and reconfirmed that he was "indefinitely suspended", could be heard saying "fuck off dog, you don't pay the bills" during the infamous stream. The Camden Police Area Command, whose officers responded to the call after being contacted about the livestream, posted on Facebook that Munday (who was unnamed in the Facebook post) was charged with alleged assault at the time.

"While the woman was not seriously injured she was distressed and shaken by the incident," the Camden PAC post said.

The agreed statement of facts tended in court, according to the ABC, said Munday told police, "I just held her down because I wanted her to stop." The ABC added that the statement said the couple's children, one aged three and another aged 20 months at the time, witnessed the entire incident.

The case is one of two Munday is involved in, with his girlfriend having been charged with two counts of common assault (domestic violence), domestic violence assault occasioning actual bodily harm and contravening a domestic apprehended violence order.

The former Fortnite streamer will be sentenced on August 26.

If you or someone you know is suffering from domestic violence, you can contact the Domestic Violence Hotline at 1800 656 463 or the 1800Respect national sexual assault, domestic and family violence hotline.


    You don't hit people, simple as that (unless it's a fight or flight response).

    Wasn't there a prior article noting that the relationship between them is pretty toxic with her also throwing objects at him?

    Doesn't excuse what he has done but it can illuminate how these actions come to pass and the importance of healthy relationship interactions.

      Well the end of the article does note that she had been charged (with more serious charges) over throwing a kettle at him which did cause injury. I wonder if the children witnessed that DV assault as well.

    Deadmoth? More like Deadcareer!
    Don't do DV, kids.

      Originally, a part of me hoped that this whole thing was a stunt the dude and his partner pulled for publicity.

      Now? All I can think about is how since he's actually a fuckhead, harmed another human being, and broken laws... Twitch must just be chomping at the bit to get him back to work.

        Not defending what the guy did... but in case you missed was a toxic relationship over all with his partner also abusing him. She's also been charged with more charges of DV... since it looks like she was hitting him off camera until he retaliated.

        No body wins here and the real victims are the poor kids who had to sit through the whole drama.

          To be clear I didn't think she was some innocent victim either... They're both clearly fucked, and in an ideal world probably should have their kids taken off them.

          Anyone prone to assaulting their partner is just a step away from thinking it's acceptable to beat their kids too.

            In an ideal world they wouldn't have kids. In an even more ideal world they wouldn't be fucked up and would be nice and happy.

            Hopefully, the pair of them will learn from this and mature as people. Maybe it'll actually give their kids a chance of parents that look after them properly. That said, I doubt it'll actually happen :(

          It's strange that it's only ever the man being abusive where in reality the stats are that 1 in 5 men get abused.

          Shouldn't it be "Domestic violence is bad" and "People shouldn't hit people"?

    They're both pond scum and likely deserve eachother. Those poor children.

    Now thats what i call mus...i mean a toxic relationship.

    Well while his partner is charged for tossing a kettle at him I hope Luke Munday goes to jail when he gets sentenced next month.
    It really makes me angry on why Luke Munday would ignore his wife's orders to turn off Fortnite and come to dinner only to end up being charged by New South Wales Police for assault and for slapping his wife telling her to stop throwing objects at him.
    I hope he goes to jail and I think that's where he should serve and now that Luke Munday has an AVO served on him I don't think he should be allowed to see his wife again when he gets sentenced next month.
    Domestic violence against women is absolutely unacceptable and it's a crime.
    And I hope he doesn't go back livestreaming on Twitch again his Fornite livestream is finished now that Epic Games has banned Luke Munday from playing anymore Fortnite that's it I'm not going to make anymore comments I'm angry and I hope Luke Munday goes to jail when he gets sentenced next month.

      Domestic violence against women is absolutely unacceptable and it's a crime.

      Domestic violence against ANYONE is absolutely unacceptable.

      I think you need a bigger corpus of text to train your Markov model. You're getting repeated output.

        It really does read... unnaturally. If "James Thornton" is not a bot I'm assuming they're not a native English speaker.

          Each paragraph ends in the same six words, and two of them share the same thirteen final words. That looks a lot more like "text generation algorithm getting stuck" than "non-native English speaker".

            It's likely a bot, but yeah. If not it's not a typical English speaker.

      So it's perfectly fine for a woman to attack a man with a knife and he can't defend himself? Tad sexist, that.

    He could have defended himself via provocation. The assault was very clearly provoked and would have lessened his charges.

    Something tells me he is actually feeling far more guilty than he really is.

    The dude has now lost his job, has a criminal record probably facing a separation from his children and most likely lost his partner as well.

    What about her? Probably playing the victim, getting help from parents and support from tonnes of people.

      Judging from the other articles the partner seems to have also realised she pushed it too far as she even applied to have the avo against him to be altered so he can stay with the family even if court proceedings are going... it was denied by the judge due to the nature of the case of course.. but it was an interesting tidbit..

      Its questionable why you are putting so much effort into trying to make this guy look innocent of what he did.

      She's also facing charges and has an AVO issued against her as well. So, no not quite.

      It's a messy situation, and it likely mirrors the reality of a lot of domestic disputes and violence. ie: Neither side is entirely blameless and both parties have usually done stupid things.

      Probably the only good thing to come out of it, was that it was caught before it escalated to something worse.

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