Australia Gets The Sonic Movie Two Months Late, Unless You’re In Victoria Or QLD [Update]

Australia Gets The Sonic Movie Two Months Late, Unless You’re In Victoria Or QLD [Update]

Not only is the Sonic the Hedgehog movie screening here two months after it airs in the United States, but for some reason people in Victoria and Queensland will get to see Sonic before the rest of the country.

The unusual detail was announced to media earlier this morning by Paramount Pictures, the production company behind the CGI/live-action remake of the classic SEGA series. Sonic was already delayed into 2020 following the fan reaction to Sonic’s design, which also allayed concerns that the visual effects team would be forced to crunch on the redesign.

Australia Gets The Sonic Movie Two Months Late, Unless You’re In Victoria Or QLD [Update]

Australians will be able to see Sonic from April 2, but only if you’re in Queensland and Victoria. The movie will air in the rest of the country from April 9, and it’s not really clear why. Update: As badger noted in the comments — and Daniel on Twitter — the delay is likely due to the Australian school holidays, and the difference in the school calendar for each state.

Kotaku Australia has contacted Paramount Pictures for comment, asking why the two eastern states have got a headstart on the rest of the country. It’s also not explained why Australians have to deal with almost two months of potential internet spoilers — Sonic launches in the US, England, Canada and Ireland on February 14.

Paramount Pictures had yet to respond by the time of writing, but this story will be updated with a statement if one is supplied. Until then, please enjoy the trailer all over again, as well as a reminder of that time SEGA and ABC tried (and failed) to get Sonic on the big screen in the ’90s.

The Sonic The Hedgehog Movie That Never Got Made

In 1992, Michealene Risley was brought in as Sega of America’s director of entertainment and consumer products, and her first job was to steer a new deal with ABC for shows involving Sega's hottest property: Sonic the Hedgehog.

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    • This still makes no sense to me. Movies play for longer than a week. Release it a week before, it’s still going to be playing during the holidays.

      • It’s all about the opening weekend, where movies make the bulk of their money, second week ticket sales mostly see a very large drop. Take Avengers Endgame, in Australia it made $24mil opening weekend, and $17mil over the next 10 weeks.

        • That’s failing the days because if social media. It would take a week or 2 to filter around between people whether a movie was any good or not.
          Hence why terrible movies have raked in big in the past.
          Now with social media people instamtly know from friends or others if it is any good.
          The avengers was the last top opening weekend in the US and that was 2012.
          Avatar made more in it’s following weeks than it did its first.
          Times have changed but we all know how well cinema companies keep up with the times.

  • Still going to see this movie just for Jim Carrey but 2 months after the US is another are we really still doing that and now its 2 weeks after a state in your own country see’s it.

  • Movie studios clearly have still learned nothing. This is just asking for piracy. People in Australia who want to see the movie are not going to wait two months to see it, they’ll watch it anyway through other means, and they’ll most likely watch it for free.

    If you want people to pay money to go and see your movie, release it at the same time as everywhere else. This isn’t rocket science.

    • No no no, clearly they have created such a stunning, original, masterful piece of cinematic splendour that no one would dare spoil anything, or dare download/stream an illegitimate copy of such a masterpiece!

      Right? Guys?


    • I mean, a Sonic the Hedgehog movie is asking for piracy from the get go, I don’t think I know anyone that would be prepared to shell out to watch it in a cinema. Even people with kids.

  • Well not exactly anteaters although the Paramount and SEGA film Sonic the Hedgehog the movie has been delayed to 2020 and that we’re going to see it in April 2 months after it’s February release in the United States and in the UK for us living in Australia.
    What I’m expecting is Jim Carrey who is currently playing as Dr.Eggman to become an overweight villain not a villain with a thin body but Dr.Eggman with an overweight body just like in the original 90s video game Sonic The Hedgehog which was on the SEGA Genesis back in the 90s.
    I just hope Paramount Pictures and SEGA will work together to make Dr.Eggman’s body fat and hopefully not make Sonic’s blue fur electric just like what we saw in the upcoming trailer that Paramount Pictures and SEGA are going to be bringing us to the cinemas next year.

  • I cant wait for Paramount to claim no one saw it in cinemas, cause everyone downloaded. especially if its a cringey critically panned mess)

    Goid luck trying to avoid memes and spoilers for 2months.

  • I know it’s not rocket science WhitePointer but there’s no way Paramount Pictures and SEGA are going to be changing their release date for the upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog film.
    It’s just not going to happen we’re going to see it in April 2 months after it’s February release in the US and UK.
    End of story!

  • I remember when Gizmodo ran a heap of posts that were effectively “pirate the LEGO Movie” after Village put a 2+ month delay on releasing it here. Ended with Graham Burke/Village claiming they’d change, but I don’t think anything ever did (especially as the noise went away and people apparently stopped caring).

    Maybe it’s time for that again?

  • So everyone in here knows how to get around the Australian Government’s laughable block for pirate sites, right? Because that’s the best way to protest these delays. Also the movie in no way looks worry paying for

  • So I won’t get to avoid it like the plague until a week later than I would have avoided it like the plague in Melbourne and two months after I would have refused to see it on pain of death in the US? Lame.

  • After the eternity of waiting for the delayed John Wick 2 (NEVER FORGET!!!!!) I think I can struggle to wait this one out*

    *these school holiday delays are still shite

  • Article title reads like Victoria and Queensland are exceptions to Australia getting the movie two months later.

    Good job.

  • Quick history lesson – decades ago before the Internet and when movies were on projection reels, Australian movie theatres would rarely purchase movies direct first-hand from the distributor. Instead they would buy the movie reels second-hand from US movie theatres at a discount after they were done with their first run of screenings. The benefit was a huge cost savings but the drawback was that they would have to wait 2-3 months to be able to screen the movie here – and they could get away with it as most local movie-goers here would be none-the-wiser unless they bought international papers or heard about it from overseas travellers.

    Fast-forward to today and digital movies are now shipped on hard disk usually on DCP (Digital Cinema Package) file format and encryption. With spoilers on the Internet and loss of revenue from piracy it was a god-send that Aussie movie theatres started purchasing movies first-hand to be able to screen it at the same time as most other countries. There’s still some second-hand purchases that occur, usually for non-blockbuster movies or when family-orientated movie release dates don’t align with our school holiday dates – which looks to be the case in this instance as the main audience for this movie would be back in school during the worldwide release date of mid-February.

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