Batman Gets Hushed, Alien Gets Soft, And More Exclusive Mondo Comic-Con Posters

San Diego Comic-Con is all about doing, seeing, and buying things you can’t do, see, or buy anywhere else. However, Mondo has found a great way to keep Comic-Con attendees happy with exclusive items but also satisfying fans who aren’t in San Diego.

We’re excited to exclusively debut three of the posters Mondo is bringing to San Diego Comic-Con booth 435 this year, one of which fans will also have a chance to snag from their computers at home. However, several of the other Mondo posters that have previously been revealed have versions exclusive to the con as well as editions available online.

First up, here are our exclusive reveals, including this Alien art piece by 100% Soft.

That’s a 36 x 61cm screenprint in an edition of 275. It’ll only be available at SDCC and costs $US60 ($86). It’ll go on sale at noon on Saturday, July 20 and the artist will be there to sign them.

Next up is Blade Runner 2049 by Pascal Blanche. It’s a 24 x 91cm screenprint in an exclusive Comic-Con edition of 150 (which costs $US75 ($107)).

There’s an online edition of 250 as well, which costs $US50 ($71). These will be available Thursday, July 18.

Finally, as teased above, the last of our exclusives is this Batman: Hush piece by legendary comic artist Jim Lee. It’s a 24 x 91cm screenprint only available in a Comic-Con exclusive edition of 275. It costs $US50 ($71) and drops Wednesday July 17.

But that’s not all.

Collider debuted several other posters coming to Mondo’s booth at Comic-Con as well as your computer. There’s Pokémon: Detective Pikachu by Matt Taylor, a 24 x 91cm screenprint available in both an online edition of 375 (which costs $US50 ($71))…

…as well as the Comic-Con edition of 175, which costs $US75 ($107).

Those go on sale Thursday, July 18 when the doors open.

Daniel Danger did this gruesome poster for It, which is an 18 x 91cm screenprint available in an online edition of 125 for $US80 ($114)…

As well as the Comic-Con regular edition of 250 for $US60 ($86).

Those are on sale at noon on Thursday, July 18 with the artist signing.

Comic book artist Jock (finally) tackled the final film of Edgar Wright’s Cornetto trilogy, The World’s End, in an online edition of 125 which costs $US75 ($107).

As well as the Comic-Con regular edition fo 275, which costs $US60 ($86). Those are both 36 x 61cm screenprints that go on sale at 4:00 p.m. on Friday, July 19 with the artist in attendance.

But wait, there’s more!

Queer icon The Babadook gets an awesome new poster from Greg Ruth. This 24 x 91cm screenprint has an online edition of 150, costing $US75 ($107).

There’s also the Comic-Con regular edition of 300, which costs $US50 ($71).

Those don’t yet have a sale date, but it’ll be during SDCC.

Ruth also did this amazing Batman poster to go along with Jim Lee’s. It’s a 24 x 91cm screenprint in a online regular edition of 225 costing $US50 ($71).

There’s also a Comic-Con variant edition of 125, costing $US75 ($107).

Deep breath. One more, at least so far. Metal Gear Solid by Sachin Teng is an 18 x 61cm screenprint only available in a Comic-Con edition of 225 for $US50 ($71). It’s on sale Friday, July 19.

Oh, and Slashfilm has revealed a bunch of other posters including Thanos and Ant-Man and the Wasp. Head there to see them.

Nerdist has also posted art from Transformers: The Movie, Jurassic Park and others. Head there to see them.

Mondo is sure to reveal more in the coming days — but if you’re at Comic-Con, these will all be at booth 435. The online sales will be announced on Twitter @MondoNews, and any leftovers after SDCC will also go up via that Twitter account.

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