Bethesda Promises To Fix Classic DOOM After Enraging The Internet

Image: Bethesda

Bethesda released the first three Doom games to Nintendo Switch consoles but everyone soon realised it was impossible to play them unless you first made an account at despite the game having no online component. Naturally, internet rage ensued.

1993's Doom Requires A Bethesda Account To Play On Switch, Quickly Becomes An Internet Joke

Today, Bethesda announced the first three Doom games were all be coming to modern consoles, including the Nintendo Switch. What Bethesda didn’t mention was that you’d first need to create a account in order to play them.

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Customers, who'd paid for the classic titles on Nintendo Switch, were forced to create an account and login to in order to play. This happened despite none of the playable content on the re-released titles requiring internet access.

Bethesda has since suggested the feature was an error and explained the login was meant to be optional. The introduction of the online login feature, according to a tweet by Bethesda, was intended to reward members of the Slayers Club, a Doom customer loyalty program.

The internet was not convinced with Bethesda's explanation.

Bethesda has promised to update everyone as a soon as a fix is available.

The Original Doom Games Are Now On Switch

Last night listings for the original Doom, Doom 2 and Doom 3 briefly appeared on the Nintendo eShop, suggesting the trilogy was set to come to Switch as early as today.

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    reading the 2nd and 3rd tweets are just so cringey. "Do not cross us again"? Really? What are you going to do? Sometimes people complain in the weirdest ways. I'll agree that what Bethesda has done sucks, but man empty negative comments don't mean anything.

    "We have gamer rights. Do not criss us again"

    Laugh my FUCKING arse off.

    You sure warned them, random internet dude...

    Apparently if you put your switch into flight mode, it will bypass the need to log in.

    Oh it was an unintentional error but also an intentional feature!

    K, thanks Bethesda?

      There are no such things as 'bugs', they are actually 'undocumented features'

    While I sympathise with people complaining because it's a bullshit move, good fucking god damn are those last two tweets hilarious.

      Talk about next level gamer's entitlement. It is getting worst after each year.

      The scary thing is that there is a small possibility that some of those guys actually mean it and would follow through on the threat. Some people are way too invested in this kind of thing.

        Yeah, I laughed, but I also remember that some asshole set a fire at an entertainment studio's offices and mass-murdered 34 people.

    Haha, that last tweet... Bethesda are pretty much the thin ice skating champions at this point.

    Todd Howard read those tweets and then cried. Hope you're happy, Tweeter!

    I can't believe most of you are taking seriously what are obviously troll tweets.

    Do not make us cross again. Mum turns off the internet when I yell at my phone.

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