Big W’s Flogging Off More Games, Again

Big W’s Flogging Off More Games, Again
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If you’ve ever wanted to buy Call of Duty or Destiny 2 for literally $1, you can do that. Alternatively, a punch of other games are getting shoved out of the Big W dump truck this week, and there’s some decent picks throughout.

The offers are available from Big W in store and online from tomorrow, and will be available for a couple of weeks depending on stock. There’s a range of discounts on peripherals and games, with Mortal Kombat, Red Dead Redemption 2, the Plantronics Rig 300 HS/HX headsets, Destiny 2, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, DOOM and Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey the highlights.

Also, Mass Effect: Andromeda is going for $5.

  • PS4 500GB Slim w/Fortnite Bundle: $399
  • PS4 Pro 1TB w/Fortnite: $499
  • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (PS4/XBO): $29
  • DiRT Rally 2.0 (PS4/XBO): $49
  • Kingdom Hearts 3 (PS4/XBO): $49
  • Burnout Paradise Remastered (PS4/XBO): $19
  • Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order (PS4/XBO): $69
  • FIFA 19 (XBO): $34
  • Far Cry New Dawn (PS4/XBO): $29
  • Mortal Kombat 11 Standard Edition (PS4/XBO): $49
  • GTA 5 (XBO): $29
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda (PS4/XBO): $5
  • DOOM (PS4/XBO): $24
  • The Evil Within 2 (PS4/XBO): $24
  • Switch Labo Variety Kit: $59
  • Switch Labo Robot/Vehicle Kit: $69
  • Hitman (PS4/XBO): $39
  • Ghost Recon Wildlands (PS4/XBO): $29
  • Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (PS4/XBO): $15
  • The Division 2 (PS4/XBO): $49

Poor Andromeda. Pretty hard to argue with a lot of the faults when you’re basically paying the price of a coffee, though. And Odyssey is solid value at that price, especially if you get into the DLC and you’re still finishing the game a year later.

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    • Yes. They’ve dropped the price on the pre-order from $79, which is … odd. Figured I’d include it for people just in case.

  • Mass Effect is really dead, isn’t it? I wanted to play Andromeda, but somehow, the fact it’s $5 just make it seem more like a “dare” than an opportunity.
    I don’t think there’s any redemption for the series.

    • You should pick it up for $5. It’s not great by mass effect standards, but there is still fun to be had for $5.

    • Andromeda got a horrible wrap, but it’s my second favorite of the series. Yep, It’s got bugs, it’s got characters that aren’t quite as good as the OT’s, it’s got a pretty dull narrative BUT it has easily the best game play of the series, it brought back some of the RPG systems that 2 and 3 ignored, it brought back the sense of scale the first game had and it has an insanely fun vehicle that I legitimately loved. It’s not ME2, but if you liked anything about the first game more than 2 / 3 it’s definitely worth $5.

      If you’re still not convinced I made a video a while back that better explains my perspective than a scrappy comment will. I don’t like to post my own stuff like this, but I loved Andromeda and I hate to see people pass on it because of the press it got when I think it just met some overblown expectations.

      • ME:A seems like a lot of what ME1 wanted to achieve, with its planetary exploration, especially. ME2 and ME3’s ‘exploration’ was smoke and mirrors – you landed in carefully-directed tunnels for the most part, with a few overworld hubs. ME1’s ‘open worlds’ were largely empty, procedurally-generated spiky messes with collectibles and prefab structures littered across them. ME:A did the open world more ambitiously and effectively than any of the games prior to it, and frankly, the characters were a LOT better. Looking at you, Johnny-come-lately ‘you get more attached if you read the books/comics/played the tie-in-games’ Jacob, Miranda, Vega.

        ME:A was brutally underrated because it was measured against an unfair criteria it could never hope to meet, even if it hadn’t explicitly said it wasn’t going to: “Can we get more of the Shepard-commander we invested in over three games?” The answer, in advance, up-front, and always loud and clear, was: “No.” And so-called ‘fans’ hated it for that answer.

        • Yeah, I mean I was stoked for what looked to me to be a return to the old ME1 vision, but that’s definitely not what audiences wanted / expected and when those reactions met with the reactions to the unfortunate glitches and bugs that, while bad, weren’t that big a deal for me the press just became totally hostile.

          I really don’t think it deserved what it got, it definitely had issues, and on many levels it wasn’t quite up to scratch, but the vision it was chasing was exactly what I wanted from a Mass Effect title, and even falling short of that vision left me with a game I liked more than 2 and 3 which reached their goals, but set those goals a lot lower.

      • Definitely my second favourite Mass Effect game also, I will say though I didn’t really like the way they did the class system with being able to switch to a different role at will.

        I personally felt that selecting a class at the start made you play a certain way and even though it sometimes felt restrictive it made the character more real instead of some sort of “universal soldier”.

        Not being able to fit every role also made selecting your squad more important this way, instead of just taking whoever was least annoying in Andromeda.

        • I get that. Personally I exclusively picked my favourite characters regardless of class / abilities, It was always Tali and Wrex / Liara in the first, Tali and Legion / Thane in 2 and Tali and Liara / Garrus, so it never really played into my playthroughs, but I can definitely understand preferring the more rigid class system in the Original Trilogy.

  • I’m looking at the BigW website and it currently lists Mass Effect: Andromeda at $25 for PS4/XBONE. The only game that was listed for $5 was NBA 2k18 on the switch/PS4.

    So IMHO, not a price that makes me wanna rush to BigW ($5 for ME:A WOULD have had me rushing in to grab a copy tho, but sadly appears not to be the case 🙁 )

  • I liked ME1’s open world’s they kind of fit the narrative of frontier planets, you would probably buy the same prefabs from one mega corporation, the planets were boring and mostly lifeless but imaging having the Nomad instead of the Mako.

    I think they became tedious becuase of how slow the Mako was, it would of been great to have some world’s more full of life like Andromeda but the technology at the time may of been the limiting factor.

    • you would probably buy the same prefabs from one mega corporation, the planets were boring and mostly lifeless
      This is probably the biggest reason ME1 is my favourite. Yes the optional planets were empty, but that made sense – all the nice planets were already polulated / colonised. Yes, all the bases and ships looked nearly identical, but that also made sense. Every ‘shortcoming’ of the game lent itself to immersion and world building, and then add on the insane scope, fantastic character moments (Wrex on Virmire in particular) and some goldilocks zone deep-but-not-overwhelming RPG systems and you’re left with one of my all time favourite titles.

      • I’m a little torn between Mass Effect and KOTOR for favourite RPG, when I played KOTOR I had friends who were also playing at the same time.

        We would compair choices and consequences over beers, the nostalgia of just talking about the game is there as well as being amazing by its self.

        Mass Effect being original and just looking better graphically, having so much more to do as well as having four games plus multi-player (that I actually enjoyed) probably just edges out KOTOR.

        If they do a proper KOTOR 3 and remaster the first two I think KOTOR would definitely win.

        Writing this I just had a realisation
        HK-47 and Legion (and Garrus) were both my favourite characters in there respective games.

        I don’t know if that says more about me or the writers.

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