Community Review: Dota Underlords & Teamfight Tactics

Community Review: Dota Underlords & Teamfight Tactics

Auto battlers have been the talk of the town (and Twitch, Twitter, subreddits, etc.) since Riot and Valve properly jumped into the genre with Teamfight Tactics and Dota Underlords. But which do you prefer?

Both games have been a success for their creators. TFT has become one of the most viewed games on Twitch since its limited (and now full) release, while Underlords is the fourth most-played game on Steam at the time of writing, surpassing GTA 5 and maintaining a solid distance on ARK: Survival Evolved and Rainbow 6: Siege, and not factoring in the mobile audience (which, according to Sensor Tower, totals at least 1.5 million).

I’ve spent most of my time with Underlords, primarily because TFT simply isn’t available on the train, toilet, passenger seat of a car … you get the idea. TFT also requires that you play a bit of League of Legends (which I haven’t done in years), whereas Underlords exists wholly separately to the Dota 2 client, and has no such requirement.

But the release of both has been fantastic for fans of both games, and Riot has been able to fix up the server issues over the weekend. Auto Chess already led a resurgence of interest in Dota 2, but its expansion to mobiles and Underlords following it (before introducing any microtransactions) will reap a ton of rewards for Valve when The International fires up in August.

So for those who have played both games: which do you prefer, and why? And for those who have jumped into one or the other, or are playing auto battler games for the first time, how have you found TFT/Underlords?


  • I like both, I play TFT when i’m sitting at my pc and Underlords when on the go. I don’t think I’ve played the original Autochess since Underlords came out

  • I’ve played a heap of underlords, it’s my go to game atm. I’ve tried tft but I just can’t seem to get into it and end up just wishing I was playing underlords. My main concern with underlords at the moment though is that playing open fort and going for a loosing streak just feels too good not to do, the downside is that it makes this first 15 rounds really boring.

  • Tried it for what must’ve been close to an hour. Didn’t care for it. Came close to winning my ’round’ or whatever it was, but then I had to go help with the groceries and quit out without a single regret.

  • Played a lot of both. I definitely prefer tft probably because I’m a league player not DOTA. Tft also has a carousel round where you choose a champion and the item system is more advanced because you can combine items and stack 3 items on each champion. The gold to buy xp is also reduced so it feels much more freeing then underlords. The one negative is it isn’t out on mobile which is where I play most of underlords. A quick match on the bus or while I’m chilling in my bed is always nice. Ultimately I’d say tft is the better game for me due to having more mechanics but underlords is also good due to sheer convenience of being able to play on my phone.

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