Another Trailer For That Doom Movie You Didn't Know You Wanted

You probably won't recognise any of the cast, or the director. Does that matter? Of course not, because it's another Doom movie.

Just so we're all on the same page, this is the same Doom movie that looked so suss that Bethesda used the DOOM Twitter account to distance themselves from the project.

So, prepare yourselves for some hot garbage. Hot garbage of the funny kind, mind you. DOOM: Annihilation officially launches on October 1, and is currently only scheduled for release in the USA and ... Russia.

But c'mon. Surely we're not going to let that limited release stop us from enjoying the film. I'm already planning a viewing party. Who's in?


    The thumbnail makes it look like the movie's name is "Doom Annthilation". Not a good place to put that little sparkle of light there.

    "Oh no! Our Doom licence is about to expire, and that latest game was a hit! Start filming now, we'll work out the details later!"

    Man, that looks like a fan project rather than an actual movie.

    It's got big guns, exploding barrels and they "opened up a portal to hell". Sounds more like DOOM than the one with The Rock.

    "The Doom movie you know you don't want." -Fixed it for you.

    Younger me loved the original doom movie.

    Current me cant stand watching it.

    The only good part of that movie was the bit where they emulated the game with a FPS viewpoint.

    I still think Event Horizon is the best DOOM movie.

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