Dota Underlords, As Told By Steam Reviews

Dota Underlords, As Told By Steam Reviews

Are you someone who still battles in video games by using your fingers to directly input commands, like some kind of barbarian? That’s old hat. Today, auto-battlers are all the rage. Simply buy some guys, arrange said guys, and they (the guys) will do the battling for you.

With Dota Underlords, Valve rushed to capitalise on the trend that began with a user-created mod of its own game Dota 2. So far, Underlords’ speedy turnaround seems to have paid off.

Underlords, currently in early access, is heavily based on Dota Auto Chess, a mod in which eight players purchase automated units and try to outdo each other in a mini-tournament of 1v1 duels. It may not sound like much, but it’s easy to learn, and once you’ve let your brain marinate in the intricacies for a bit, it’s addictive as heck.

Steam users are pleased with Valve’s faithfulness to the original mod, as well as the subtle quality-of-life improvements and item changes that streamline some of the mod’s sloppier elements. Some people, however, are wary of hero and synergy changes Valve has made, while others just don’t dig how RNG-based the game (and genre) is. For most, though, Underlords is hitting the spot.


  • So far, Underlords’ speedy turnaround seems to have paid off.

    Which is more or less true, although not saying much yet given that the game is 100% free to play without even cosmetics available to purchase yet.

    We shall see whether this sticks once Valve announces its monetization model, which at this stage appears to include a Battle Pass and rotating heroes, which one can presumably fix by buying access to heroes permanently.

    The fact that Valve are talking up cash-gating content like this so early, as if it’s some kind of additional benefit to the player, doesn’t leave me feeling optimistic.

    • I’ve been enjoying it so far but if they add non-cosmetic microtransactions such as needing to pay for access to certain characters or alliances I’m gone immediately, and I suspect a lot of other players would be in the same boat… can’t see myself ever paying for heroes in this game and can’t see myself playing a game that has that degree of pay2win (more options is advantageous by itself, even if all heroes are well balanced).

      I would consider a one-time purchase that covered all current/future game-altering content, and microtransactions for cosmetics don’t really bother me, so maybe they’ll do something that won’t cause me to immediately quit…

    • It’s generally understood rotating heroes means the pool is limited and changed on a regular basis
      A) less rng
      B) other alliances and strats can shine

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