EB's Selling A Switch For $359

If you missed out on the previous Switch deal, EB has rocked up with the best discount of the year.

You can grab a Neon Switch console through EB's eBay page now for $359.10 with the PRETZEL checkout code. That's the best deal of the year — although it won't be quite as low as when Black Friday rolls around.

The saving between $359 and the regular RRP for a Switch console is plenty to pick up a first-party Nintendo game — Breath of the Wild or Mario Kart are perfect to have — and a ton of indies. I'll beat the drum every day for Golf Story, or Cricket 19 for tragics, and there's always Hollow Knight to recommend. The best-selling indie games is a good list to start with though:

Nintendo Reveals The 10 Current Best-Selling Indie Games On Switch

Indie games make up a crucial and vibrant part of the Switch’s great library of games, as evidenced by yesterday’s Nindies showcase. At the Game Developers Conference event this morning, Nintendo shared which indie games have sold best on Switch up until now. While many of them are familiar faces, like Stardew Valley, a few new games have crept onto the list, including Overcooked 2.

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Undercooked 2 mind you ... that's a stressful time. Maybe give Cook, Serve, Delicious 2 a whirl instead. As for the eBay deal, you can grab it on EB's page here.

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