Enormous Flight Simulator Installed In Tokyo Hotel

Photo: All images Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu

If you like aeroplanes, then this is the hotel for you. The Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu, which is connected to Terminal 2 of Haneda International Airport in Tokyo, will offer a room outfitted with a full-sized flight simulator. Fittingly, it’s called the “Superior Cockpit Room.”

The cockpit is based on a Boeing 737-800.

The hotel offers a couple of different plans. For example, you can book an afternoon 90 minute block with an instructor for 30,000 yen ($400) and experience flying from Haneda to Osaka International Airport.

The double room is also available for the night at 25,300 yen ($333), sans instructor.

At the Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu, you can apparently see the runway from the rooms, so even if you don’t book the flight sim, you can still enjoy plane spotting.


    Oh cool I'm going there again next year, and I'm into flight sims. Question is, does the instructor speak English? My Japanese isn't good enough to fly a plane in.

    @M.W: My Japanese isn't good enough to fly a plane in.

    You do not need to understand or speak any language. It is a simulator, you are not going to fly a plane. It is sort of the safest choice for you (and for the public). I am sure you can push buttons and play with a joystick in any language. Good luck with the simulator and have fun!

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