Community Review: Fire Emblem Three Houses

Fire Emblem has always been a franchise that deserved better, bigger treatment than what the 3DS was physically capable of delivering. Three Houses, by just about every estimation, does that.

I remember watching when Tegan became obsessed by Fire Emblem Fates and how much that reminded me of how much I enjoyed Advance Wars on my DS Lite. Wargroove was a solid taste of Advance Wars strategy, but you can't beat the original thing, and that's a good way of selling Fire Emblem to someone who's never played the series.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses: The Kotaku Review

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a game for interesting times.

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Having watched a few hours of gameplay over the weekend, as well as all the livestreams and pre-release videos from our colleagues, it's hard not to like what's been seen. There's no rock-paper-scissors with the weapons like there was in Awakening, and the customisation you have with your entire squad makes for lots of min-maxing options.

How have you found Fire Emblem: Three Houses so far, and what house did you sign up to?


    First real Fire Emblem game (have played Heroes too long). About 10 hours in.

    I was shocked at how bad the monastery looks when exploring and how bad the main character dialogue movements look.

    The monastery looks seriously dated and running around feels pretty janky. Also in my first wander around, I thought it was ridiculous a few paths and alleys are blocked with crates and shield guys but a couple (I think are unlocked pretty quickly) the designers seemed to just say screw more crates, just do an invisible wall.

    I am enjoying the coversation aspects, but the super awkward shrugs and weird arm crossing animations from female Byleth do look pretty terrible. Maybe male Byleth is better? I would be surprised if so but I haven't seen it.

    Strategy and combat seem cool though!

      Here I was thinking it might just be me, but yeh, those main character dialogue animations are awful and pointless. What is even the point of having the main character raise his arm up multiple times per conversation? We get it, he/she is talking.

      I'm really enjoying it now though. It took quite a few hours for me to really get it. Its definitely not perfect but its addictive.

      I really wish there was more variety to the characters in each school. I swear each house has only 1 unique looking character and the other 7 look like stock standard anime cutouts.

    Only into the second month at the moment, but it's pretty great! There's definitely some weird insidious church sh** going on though. It's actually so great to get so much characterization that isn't just "this is the stoic one, this is the horny one" too. I picked the Empire house, because Edelgard, Petra and pretty much every character in the house are dope. It's so nice to see them rendered so much better than the 3DS, and with feet no less!

    I’ve only played it for about 6 six hours over the weekend but I’m really enjoying it so far. I’m up to the start of the third month. I also picked the Empire house.

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