Controversial Voice Actor Chris Niosi Will Be Replaced In Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Nintendo plans to remove voice actor Chris Niosi from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, following accusations of abuse by former friends and girlfriends. He was previously replaced in the credits of mobile spin-off game Fire Emblem Heroes. In a statement, Nintendo confirmed that it will rerecord Niosi’s voiceovers and add the new voices in a future patch.

Chris Niosi is a well-known voice actor who has been in TV shows and games such as OK KO! and Octopath Traveller. He voices the character Byleth in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Fire Emblem Heroes. Over the last week, allegations arose accusing Niosi of sexual harassment and abuse. Niosi admitted on his personal Tumblr that he had treated people in his life “horribly” and had “abused friends.” His post contains detailed, individual apologies to multiple people, going into some detail about his actions.

Niosi’s voice credit was recently removed from the Fire Emblem Heroes character page, with a new trailer showing voice actor Zach Aguilar instead. In a statement sent to Kotaku, Nintendo confirmed it is removing Niosi from Heroes and Three Houses and re-recording his lines with a new voice actor.

After assessing the situation, we decided to re-record the character’s voiceovers in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Fire Emblem Heroes with another actor. The new voiceovers will be included in a future patch.

No date was given for when to expect these patches or who the new voice actor for Fire Emblem: Three Houses will be.


    I would rather they wait until the accusations are proven. Look at what's going on with Vic over at Funimation, and all that shit. Accusations are just until Police find actual evidence.

      He literally confessed, at great length, to the accusations. Surely that’s proof enough for you.

        Yeah, that's fine. But he admitted it. And apologised for it. So he knows he fucked up. However, unless there are criminal charges placed against him, then I don't see any point in changing what he's done. And even then, the charges would need to be from when he was working on that particular job. Like, he's most likely already been paid for it, and it does not change the game in any way long term, so meh?

          I don’t think criminal charges need to be placed for action to take place (professional action I mean, not legal action, which should be accompanied by due process and actual charges). Yeah, he’s likely already been paid for the work and doing this won’t affect that pay-cheque, but it’s more about sending a statement that this sort of behaviour won’t be tolerated and there are consequences for acting in this way, criminal or not. Being fired from a job, cut from a team, struck from the credits or removed from a product does carry a weight and will be a mark on someone’s professional record. Whether this action is wholly or partially Nintendo shielding themselves from bad press is another discussion.

    I mean replacing the voice actor doesn't take away from the fact he got paid to be in the game, but I mean he did a do a job and should be compensated even if he is a horrible human being. I wonder what his future outlook in voice acting will be like after this.

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