Fire-Themed Anime Edited After Kyoto Animation Tragedy

Fire-Themed Anime Edited After Kyoto Animation Tragedy
Image: MBS

In the anime Fire Force, firefighters must contend with people who suddenly burst into flames. In the wake of the tragic fire at Kyoto Animation, the latest episode has been edited.

As Yomiuri and ANN report, the episode was delayed but broadcast today. The episode, however, was edited with new narration and the colour of the flames altered.

“From episode 4 onward, we will deal [with similar situations] accordingly,” announced the show’s Japanese broadcaster MBS (via ANN). However, no future edits were clarified.

The decision to delay and then edit the anime comes after a tragic fire at Kyoto Animation claimed 34 lives and has left dozens injured.


  • Yet to start watching this. But what exactly did they change that would affect a real-world fire? Like, fires happen on a day to day basis, so I don’t quite understand why any kind of editing is really needed.

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