Nintendo Gives Free Switch, Mario Maker 2 To An Entire Flight

Now here's a marketing stunt that everyone would be jealous of: a free Switch.

Passengers onboard a Southwest Airlines plane to San Diego Comic Con, which kicks off tomorrow Australian time and runs until Tuesday morning, received a special prize. Before the plane took off, passengers noticed something a bit weird: all the airline attendants were wearing Luigi hardhats from Mario Maker 2.

As more passengers began posting, the whole thing was a stunt from Nintendo to help promote Mario Maker 2 to people headed off to SDCC. Everyone on the flight got a Switch with Mario Maker 2, although a couple of postings on Twitter indicated that at least a few influencers were aware of the stunt beforehand. A good chunk of the plane, however, wasn't affiliated with the promotion, and they got free Switches all the same, which is pretty sweet.

The Switches were also came with a special Mario Maker 2 level that was made just for Southwest Airlines,

As far as promotions go, companies take note: free consoles will always be a winner, but a console you can play on a flight will always be the best.


    Very nice. I'd say Marvel Ultimate Alliance would probably fit the Comic Con crowd better but it's a publicity stunt so of course you'd go with Mario.

      Yeah and it's Nintendo doing the stunt so they're gonna have to use a Nintendo product, not a third party game.

    Whoever thought of this idea needs a raise. Brilliant idea.

      Pretty sure they did this with the 3DS and either Wii or Wii U.

    Except they can't do anything online until they land!

      Not true, Southwest have free in flight Wifi. I used it flying from LAX to SFO a few weeks ago.

      Alot of American airlines have in flight WiFi for domestic flights these days.

    Well call me jealous... even though i already have a Switch.

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