Nintendo Gives Free Switch, Mario Maker 2 To An Entire Flight

Nintendo Gives Free Switch, Mario Maker 2 To An Entire Flight
Image: <a href="">Twitter (@blasdetejas)</a>

Now here’s a marketing stunt that everyone would be jealous of: a free Switch.

Passengers onboard a Southwest Airlines plane to San Diego Comic Con, which kicks off tomorrow Australian time and runs until Tuesday morning, received a special prize. Before the plane took off, passengers noticed something a bit weird: all the airline attendants were wearing Luigi hardhats from Mario Maker 2.

As more passengers began posting, the whole thing was a stunt from Nintendo to help promote Mario Maker 2 to people headed off to SDCC. Everyone on the flight got a Switch with Mario Maker 2, although a couple of postings on Twitter indicated that at least a few influencers were aware of the stunt beforehand. A good chunk of the plane, however, wasn’t affiliated with the promotion, and they got free Switches all the same, which is pretty sweet.

The Switches were also came with a special Mario Maker 2 level that was made just for Southwest Airlines,

As far as promotions go, companies take note: free consoles will always be a winner, but a console you can play on a flight will always be the best.


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