Here’s 13 Minutes From Control

Remedy’s next third-person shooter, Control, is out in just over a month. That’s real soon, so if you want to get a gist of the general setup, here’s the first 13 minutes from the game.

The footage comes courtesy of IGN, and showcases the opening of the Bureau of Control and the game’s fairly short opening. Number 2 pencils, along with smart phones, gaming devices and watches, are all banned in the bureau, which is basically barren and empty as soon as the game starts.

The first eight minutes are a pretty slow affair, which isn’t wholly out of form for a Remedy game. After that point, however, Control really starts to reveal itself.

Certainly the strangest pistol tutorial in a while. But Remedy games are always interesting, and Quantum Break ended up being more compelling than I thought, despite how much buffering Australians had to endure with the live-action elements.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”×231.jpg” title=”Quantum Break Is Oddly Compelling” excerpt=”Playing Quantum Break wasn’t something I expected I’d be doing over the weekend. But eating dinner and with a PC and three consoles all simultaneously needing to update at once, entertainment options were few. So I fired up Remedy’s time-bending shooter for something to do. And before I knew it, I’d already flown through the first three acts of the game.”]

Anyone else thinking it’s about time for a replay of Alan Wake?


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