Here’s Wolfenstein: Youngblood In Co-op

Amidst all the love for Fire Emblem at the end of last week, there was also a new Wolfenstein game with co-op. But how does that play in practice?

Tim and Josh spent about 50 minutes with Youngblood on the Kotaku stream knocking out the first early levels of the game. It’s a pretty good estimation of what to expect from Youngblood if you were sitting on the fence, especially since so much of the game is geared towards playing with a friend. (It’s also why the game lets you play in co-op with a single Steam key.)

Weirdly, you can’t pause the game even in single-player. I’m not sure how or why that came about, but it’s worth knowing in advance. And you can’t team up over a LAN — all connections are online-only, even if you’ve authenticated online or already connected to the internet.

I don’t know about you, but watching all of this makes me miss The New Order. What a great game that was.


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