Here's Wolfenstein: Youngblood In Co-op

wolfenstein youngblood co-op

Amidst all the love for Fire Emblem at the end of last week, there was also a new Wolfenstein game with co-op. But how does that play in practice?

Tim and Josh spent about 50 minutes with Youngblood on the Kotaku stream knocking out the first early levels of the game. It's a pretty good estimation of what to expect from Youngblood if you were sitting on the fence, especially since so much of the game is geared towards playing with a friend. (It's also why the game lets you play in co-op with a single Steam key.)

Weirdly, you can't pause the game even in single-player. I'm not sure how or why that came about, but it's worth knowing in advance. And you can't team up over a LAN — all connections are online-only, even if you've authenticated online or already connected to the internet.

I don't know about you, but watching all of this makes me miss The New Order. What a great game that was.


    Its pretty bad tbh. Such a shame as the premise had promise.

    I don't know what it is, but I've absolutely zero interest in this game. That's even after playing and loving the previous Wolf games.

      It's because it sounds like they strayed too far from what made Wolf games enjoyable. Being BJ, a solo nazi destroying run and gun maniac and turned it into a co-op shooter, with RPG el; elements and microtransactions about his 2 daughters. I mean, full marks for trying something different, but are they really surprised that fans of the franchise didn't really connect with it?

    dont know about you guys, but im really fucking enjoying it as much as i loved TNO and way more than TNC. People complain that theenemies are too spongey but being perfectly honest, so were all the enemies in TNO and TNC

      Only played for about 3hrs at this point but I'm enjoying it so far has a neat weapon upgrade system

      Bullet spounge enimies well thr damage model of using certain weapons on certain enemies solves a bit of that problem

      Yeah no blasko is a downer but so far that's the only complaint

    This game lost me as soon as I went to the steam store page and saw a button called "Buy Gold".

    Game looks really bad, like seriously mass effect gets a bunch of shit for its faces - look at those two they look awful.

    Don't know who thought wolfenstein would be great if you change the main characters to two teenage girls - seriously who tf would want that?

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