Here’s Your Sekiro Easy Mod(e)

Here’s Your Sekiro Easy Mod(e)

If you were intrigued by the world of Sekiro but put off by the game’s difficulty, this mod by the appropriately-named Tender Box is exactly what you need.

While we’ve seen a few “easy” mods for the game already, most of them have been weird workarounds, like this speed-related tweak. This one (via Twisted Voxel) is a more traditional softening of the game’s difficulty, doing stuff like increasing the item drop rate, strengthening the player’s attacks, raising your defence, preventing damage from falling and (in a step that’s maybe too far even for an easy mode) giving you infinite Spirit Emblems.

If you want to download it (obviously this is only for the PC version of the game), you can grab it here. And if you don’t, then don’t! Ah, if only the actual difficulty selection and subsequent discourse around this entire game could have been that simple.


  • I imagine the game would be way too easy with just the infinite spirit emblem thing alone.

    You would just absolutely mess some bosses up, especially those who are vulnerable to the fireworks, for example.

    • Yeah for sure, some of the bosses are completely stun locked using the fireworks. Could keep spamming it for the whole fight

      • I finished Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice on the PS4 and it’s probably one of the hardest games I’ve ever played. Maybe even ever.

        I’d love to play it again on an easier mode where I would just… pwn everything. 😛

  • Dang. Makes me wish I’d got it on PC instead of PS4.

    I wonder if you can do that thing like with skyrim/fallout mods where you can actually install the thing on PS4 on an external drive, go mod it on PC, then plug it back in to the console…

    • according to the download preview, the file contains gameparam.parambnd.dcx

      if that’s an original file, I imagine it should work… but you’ll have to be disconnected from the internet to play least you trigger some sort of file validation

  • Really you just need the damage/defense modifications and maybe a slightly wider parry window. The game was already overly generous with items and the main difficulty was trying to learn the fights because sometimes you would die too fast to learn anything.

    • I found parrying to be quite difficult. Some enemies were very easy to parry, but I always had a lot of difficulty trying to parry the strikes of larger bosses, or human-sized bosses that had ridiculous speed and unpredictable movement.

      • The invulnerability window on dodging was weird too. Sometimes attacks would swing right through you but do no damage because you dodged at the right time, other times you’d get hit by what looked like a whiff because you mistimed it.

        • I agree. I also found the hit box quite questionable at times too. I remember seeing a video made from a PC player, showing off how precise and accurate the hit box was, e.g. using the stealth crouch button to literally duck attacks and stuff. It looked amazing.

          Meanwhile, if I tried to jump away from an enemy who is performing a thrust attack towards me, I would always take the hit while in the air. It didn’t make any sense.

  • why not just download a trainer i did it for DAI i hated the combat love the story don’t regret doing it.

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