Human.exe Has Crashed

If you ever wanted to explain to someone what a video game glitch was like, just show them this.

It's from a clip posted on Facebook, supposedly from CCTV footage taken in Romania. At its heart, it's just people going about their day, but then human.exe breaks down, the horse takes a break, and everyone just ... stops functioning?

(Note: the original post can be found here, but the embed is currently broken, so below is a reupload to Streamable. Make sure you listen with sound!)

It's like Skyrim NPCs accidentally found their way into Romania. Hands down, this is the funniest thing all week.


    At its heart, it's just people going about their day...I would love for my day to be something involving a car towing a horse drawn carriage while a guy stands in the middle of a road looking down it (not even in the direction of the oncoming carriage) with tense expectation. Nothing about this from start to finish makes sense and that's what's so fantastic.

      First time I saw this it was hard not to assume drugs were involved, really really bad/good drugs.

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