I Play Destiny As A Warlock But Now Think I Should Be A Titan

I Play Destiny As A Warlock But Now Think I Should Be A Titan

As far back as I can remember, I, like Ray Liotta, have always wanted to be a Warlock. My daddy was a Warlock. His daddy was a Warlock. Warlockin’ is in my blood, I thought as I started up Destiny for the first time in 2014. When Destiny 2 was released three years later, I stuck to what I knew. I stayed a Warlock.

Sure, in the past, I have dabbled in other classes. In Destiny, I eventually rolled a Hunter, but by the time I did, Destiny 2 was on the horizon. I tried playing a Hunter again in the sequel, but changes to the way Destiny worked made it not feel as fun. So I continued, a Warlock, like I’ve always been.

It’s been five years now, and I think I’ve been making a mistake.

Character classes in Destiny are weird. It’s a first-person shooter, so your class can never really overshadow the shooting for more than a few moments — like, say, when you trigger your show-stopping super ability.

Outside of that, a lot of the differences are subtle. Classes influence the way your jumps work, what kind of grenade and melee attacks you use, and how all those abilities work together and complement the players around you.

Destiny’s Warlocks are glass cannons, which is typical for mage classes in most role-playing games. You can’t take a terrible amount of damage, but your super abilities can wreck face from afar. Also, Warlocks have a bunch of melee and grenade skills that can be tuned to set off fun little chain reactions good for clearing out foes when you’re in a jam.

I like playing a Warlock, but recently, I’ve also been starting to think a little more honestly about how I play Destiny 2, and it is… not like a Warlock.

I’ve just got to be in there, man, smashing Hive Ogres to bits up close and personal. I wanna feel like a walking space tank, not a floating space artillery. It’s time for a change. I want to be a Titan.

I realised this the other day as I was running some bounties using my Stormcaller sub-class. It has this super ability called Storm Trance that lets you float around the battlefield and fire the game’s version of Force Lightning at everyone around you. It’s a cool ability, and one of the few Warlock skills that lets you get up close and really scrap, if only for a little bit.

Unlike most online role-playing games, changing classes in Destiny 2 is not that big a deal. Doing it doesn’t come with the sort of guilt that my colleague Heather Alexandra experienced when she changed classes in Final Fantasy 14.

There’s less riding on your decision. Party composition matters for some of Destiny’s toughest challenges, but for the day-to-day of it, you can run whatever you like and be fine.

It’s just work, since I’ll have to level up a new character from scratch. I don’t know if I want to do that work, especially because I know massive changes are coming in September when Destiny 2: Shadowkeep launches.

This is the drawback of playing a live game such as Destiny. The world of the game can be mercurial; substantial changes can occur at any time, rendering decisions you make today moot tomorrow.

That’s part of the fun, of course — learning the meta, figuring out the most effective ways to find what you need and get the best loot with every new update — but it also has a way of driving me into a narrow focus, from keeping me from wanting to spread myself too thin.

So maybe I’ll just stay a Warlock, at least until Shadowkeep drops and I have this existential crisis all over again this September. Who knows. Change is good, maybe.


  • Huh?! There is only one class in the game, hunter. Not at all sure what this Titan you speak of is. Sometimes there is huge golden Well that appears out of nowhere and makes being a hunter even better. But thats about it.

    • Yes.

      The player base saw a huge increase in active players once the split from Activision and the eververse store changes were announced.

      Bungie is basically removing all the Activision cancer from the game and making the game what it should have been.

      • So good steps are being taken then?

        I stopped playing before the split from Activision, and didn’t care to keep track afterwards… But let’s just say I find it a tad unrealistic that all the bad blood could purely be on Activision’s hands.

        It’s just a little too convenient for my liking how they can just blame Activision for anything and everything people disliked.

        • The seasonal model they’ve gone with has been a better way to roll out more consistent content and updates. having expansions drop turned into feeling like you didn’t get enough bang for your buck. Each season has brought in a new gameplay loop to keep you going. You had forge weapons in Black Armory, Gambit Prime and Reckoning in Drifter and the Menagerie in Opulence.

          Each season has gradually dropped exotic quests and events like Festival of the Lost and Revelry. I think activision was pushing for content to be released before Bungie could finish what they wanted to do. Bungie now seem focused on pushing out content they realistically can. So they released 3 strikes, gambit and a few crucible maps with Forsaken. But as seasons dropped, we didn’t get anything new for them apart from Gambit getting 2 new maps and a new mode in Season of the Drifter. They stated that if they push resources out to make a new strike, and new crucible maps, then the base content drop will suffer, and we saw that with Curse of Osiris, which dropped with 2 crucible maps, 2 strikes, but no added gameplay loop.

          Personally I haven’t dropped the game since the Forsaken launched. A big change when D2 first launched, which I played for a month and dropped because I had nothing to chase. Osiris dropped and I played the campaign and stopped, only to return to the game in the tail end of Warmind.

          I think another thing is Bungie are launching New Light in September with Shadowkeep. New Light is all the Year 1 content, strikes, gambit and crucible, for free to everyone. And they’ll get to play during events like Iron Banner and holiday events. Players will also be able to explore EVERY zone, including the Moon in the new update, and I repeat, they’ll do this for FREE!

          As far as I know, this is a major franchise going with a free to play model, and I don’t think Activision would ever do something like that for a AAA game.

        • All I’ve wanted is cross-save progression in Destiny 2 and it’s finally coming to the game. They pretty much said that they originally wanted it from the start but a certain “company” wouldn’t allow it because they wanted to maximise game sales. Also they are no longer doing exclusive PS4 content which was another notion of Activision so Sony would pay them a large amount for exclusivity.

          Personally I think it’s easy to believe because their decisions since then have been huge ones, and based on Activision’s past treatment of gone-to-soon developers such as Bizarre Creations, Radical Entertainment, Sierra Entertainment & more. It’s isn’t hard to read between the lines.

        • Agreed that it’s nice that now they have this split everything magically gets better. I wonder if lacklustre sales and limited people still playing resulted in them having to make a big change to get people playing again. I enjoyed my time with the base game, but no motivation to keep going. Good on them if they can breathe new life into it, but I suspect dor a lot of players it’s too little too late.

  • If you want to be a punching master, its all about that top tree arc hunter, with melee recharge dodge, combined with liars handshake.
    Dodge recharges melee and melee hits recharge dodge, keep spamming punch to build up combination blow which increases melee damage. Then with liars handshake each second punch does a ton of damage, making killing smaller bosses entirely plausible just from punching. Also each punch will heal.
    Combine with a trench barrel or 1-2 punch shotgun and tadah you’re a close range god.

  • I play as all 3 classes just so I can switch out to whatever is need for a raid. Hunter will always be my fave though.

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